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‘The Only Way is Essex’ Fake Scandal Continues


This may come as a shocker to many who watch the WWE, but guess what? It isn’t real. All of the storylines are scripted, and has been from day one. Keeping Up With the Kardashians and all of their wacky adventures from season to season? Scripted, completely fake. Think of any reality television show on television and the irony of it all is that they are all scripted, yet that doesn’t take away from its entertainment value.

Somehow it seems to be a bit different with TOWIE as the ‘fake’ scandal has lingered over the show for years. At this point it is a running gag, and the few that still believe it isn’t scripted are few. The TOWIE Marbella special is all about a beautiful country, hunky guys and hot women. Production was interrupted for a bit when fans blew up social media over a video Vas J Morgan posted. The video shows Dan Edgar, Georgia Kousoulou and James Argent on film while they are receiving directions from off camera.

The person off camera is no doubt a director, as he can be heard giving orders on where everyone should set up before they start filming. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but social media is a dangerous thing! Timing was the key with this unfortunate video because a few days earlier a dedicated fan called the show fake. As a resident in the area, she was around when they were filming a club scene and dancing to no music. Post editing is a wonderful thing!

TOWIE of course denied commenting on any of the claims it was fake, because what exactly are they going to say? The show is still entertaining, they just need to pull the curtain a little bit tighter while operating.

Would it disappoint you if you found out one of your shows was fake? What do you think of the TOWIE claims?

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