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‘The Nightly Show’ Will Be Hosted By David Walliams


It looks like ITV is looking to jump deep into the talk show game with the new show The Nightly Show. This new format talk show is a bit different than the other late night talk shows, and has rolled out a plan to have a new celebrity host each week. The idea isn’t revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination, but does give the network a lot of flexibility when it comes to making a splash. This is especially true if they can keep their social media numbers up.

Kicking off the first week will be comedian David Walliams, and he already has a lot of plans for the first week. Walliams already has a following based on his smart mouth and wit, so this is the perfect short time gig to showcase his talents. The Nightly show will run for thirty minutes per episode and is being put in the 10pm timeslot. So far they have ordered the series for an eight week run, with room for expansion if and when it turns into something special.

Since the show is mixing in games, celebrity guests, experts, topical monologue and more, then it becomes no secret that they are gunning for James Corden. He is one of the big names of late night, and The Nightly Show looks like it is set to take that throne from him. They could possibly make a run at Corden if their celebrity hosts are the same caliber as Walliams. But who do they have lined up after him? Keeping the hosting gig tied up with compatible celebrity hosts will be the lifeline of the show, and if they take any shortcuts then Corden will win handily.

Does this give Corden a late night challenge? Or will The Nightly Show end its run as just another failed talk show?

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