‘The Night Shift’ Is Granted A Season 4 Renewal


The Night Shift just got a season four renewal from NBC, which is great news for fans of medical dramas. NBC took a look at the steady summer numbers from the show and was pleasantly surprised with how it did in the 18-49 demographics. With so many cancellations of summer shows, The Night Shift has been a really reliable performer while leaving newer shows in the dust. It also helps that it is an original series that has the NBC trademarks splattered all over it.

For fans that have yet to tune in, The Night Shift is about a bunch of doctors from the Army that return to civilian life as night shift workers in a San Antonio hospital. The first season starts out thin, but picks up pretty quickly from there. No, it isn’t Grey’s Anatomy and thank goodness it isn’t Code Black. The Night Shift is just an original medical drama that mildly separates itself from the millions of other medical dramas on television. Eoin Macken, Jill Flint, Ken Leung, Brendan Fehr, Scott Wolf and the rest of the cast do a fantastic job. This really doesn’t seem like a one star series, and is one of the few primetime dramas that equally distributes time between the characters. Creators Jeff Judah and Gabe Sachs have done a wonderful job in ensuring everyone gets camera time.

So is the series going to premiere season four this year? Unfortunately no, as it seems the date is looking more like sometime in 2017. Don’t be surprised to see it on the summer schedule again, and possibly with an extra character or two. In its current state there really should be no major modifications to the storyline or cast, since this is as good as a medical drama gets!

Is this an underrated medical drama? What series does it seem like the most?

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