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The New ‘Criminal Minds’ So Far


With Thomas Gibson gone, things have become a little shaky with the team- or have they? Criminal Minds without Aaron Hotchner seems to be purring along like he never left, which is a big missed opportunity from the writers. Love him or hate him, Hotch was the leader of BAU and a very important rock to lean on. Yet, with the beginning of the season heading into cruise mode midway, it’s like his importance didn’t matter at all.

The core team is now Tara, Luke, Rossi, Prentiss and Garcia. Not a bad bunch, yet they all seem to have no flaws. If you look at the first two episodes of the season, they have solved two high profiles cases without batting an eyelid. With their leader on ‘temporary’ assignment’, the team has knocked out cases that would have took other team’s years. They’ve always been efficient, but not to an extent where losing a major member couldn’t slow them down.

It seems to be a recurring theme that Hotch is coming back, yet the viewer knows better. Because of inside knowledge, this would be the perfect time to have someone like Rossi step up, or even Prentiss. Even if Rossi is the one giving out assignments, he has not yet grabbed the leadership role by the horns. And that goes double for anyone else in the group, which makes no sense at all. The BAU has always been dependent on chemistry, yet they seem to just be going through the motions and finishing cases like it was child’s play.

At some point the writers will have to make someone stand up and become leader within the unit. Until then, it looks more like a scripted procedural where the good guys are always triumphant, and nothing like the Criminal Minds when Hotch was in charge.

What do you think of the new look show? Who should step up as leader?

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