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‘The Missing’ Prepares For Big Finale


The spoilers are strong with this one, so proceed with caution. The Missing has been pretty big on the drama front as of late, with this latest season turning into incredibly gripping television for viewers. If the series decides to take a really bad left turn with the finale, then public opinion may sway in a completely different direction.  Here is what needs to happen in the finale!

  1. Julien needs to finish what he started, or else time will run out. With a brain tumor that is sinking his mental state deeper and deeper into the unknown, solving this case would be bittersweet. But it doesn’t have to end that way for the series to be a success- fans just need closure with his condition one way or another.
  2. What in the heck is going on with the Sophie Giroux storyline? She was sent to the Websters in an attempt to pass herself off as Alice. Not only was it a senseless gamble, but since she needed hospital treatment it put an unnecessary barrier between her and the help she needed.
  3. And of course with all of these closures and answers, what about the chemistry between Sophie and Adam? Trying to figure out whether Sophie loves Adam or is using him is one of the biggest mysteries on the show, and could lead to a much more dangerous resolution.
  4. And of course the question that may even go past the finale-how can Gettrick kill Jorn and get away with it? Or rather why has no one noticed the detective missing up to this point?

The Missing will answer some (not all) of those questions with its finale. So make sure to tune in and see how they close the season out!

What answers are you looking for in the finale? Has this been the best season so far?

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