‘The Mindy Project’ Gets A Major Upgrade


The Mindy Project is coming to cable under a new syndication deal, landing all five seasons on major cable providers. In a deal made with NBCUniversal Television and New Media Distribution, the show will be granted syndication rights with VH1 and Freeform. This does not mean Hulu will lose streaming rights, which they will retain with the deal in place. Hulu will debut season 5 of The Mindy Project on October 4th with an order of 14 episodes.

With the deal in place, Freeform and VH1 can start as early as October when it comes to airing episodes from the past 4 seasons. That includes being available on their individual apps, giving users access to 4 full seasons of the show on Hulu, VH1 and Freeform all at once. But the upcoming season 5 of the show will be excluded to Hulu only until a full year has passed. It is a pretty good deal to gain exposure for the show, and they will show the first seven in fall and the remaining seven I spring of 2017.

This is a huge black mark for FOX, a network that once again screwed up by canceling the show in season 3. Hulu ran like a madman to pick the show up and ordered a full 26 episodes for season 4, and it has been smooth sailing since. The match made in heaven was a quick deal since Hulu was the official streaming home of the show for the first three seasons. Now that they’re making money off of the same product FOX cancelled, Hulu should wonder what could have been if they upheld their cancellation of Family Guy-multiple times. With exclusive access to Seth McFarlane, they could have been neck and neck with Netflix.

Did FOX miss out by canceling The Mindy Project too soon? How many more seasons does it have left in the current storyline?

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