‘The Middle’ Brings Aboard Greer Grammer


The Middle is one of those timeless sitcoms that stays on television for years without too much fanfare. With the season 8 premiere around the corner, the creators have spiced up the cast by adding Greer Grammer as a love interest for Axl. Here are some other things to look forward to in the coming season that shows just how great the show still is.

  1. They will waste no time adding Greer to the cast, and she is expected to make a big splash in the premiere episode. This is of course expected, since her appearance was teased in the season 7 finale.
  2. Sue graduating from high school opens up a very good story arc for the character, and will be a new challenge for the writers. Sue has always been the last one to come out of her shell, and has made strides in the series when it came to blossoming into a young mature woman. Now is a really good time to continue to allow the character to grow as she moves on to college.
  3. Brick is just now completing middle school, so how will he fare in the house as the only child in high school? With both of his siblings now out of the house and pursing their adult dreams, will he act out or take high school in stride?
  4. What happens with Frankie and Mike? Remember how the first season was balanced between the parents and the children? For a while now the show has shown a priority over the story of the children rather than the parents. Look for the show to get back on track and make the parents an integral part of the storyline with key story arcs in the early and late part of the season.

How do you think all of the storylines will mesh together for the new season? Who is your favorite character on the show?

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