‘The Man in the High Castle’ Continues Amazon Dominance


The Man in the High Castle had a blistering season 2 thanks to excellent writing, great characters and a lot of source material. Based off of the Philip K. Dick novel, the show continues to be the most original premise on television. There is also a high risk and high reward element, with a lot of the content being controversial to some viewers.

Before season 2 got into full swing the show ran into some trouble behind the cameras when showrunner Frank Spotnitz left over creative differences. Those are dreaded words in the industry and usually begin the tailspin of a series into oblivion. Thankfully that wasn’t the case, but then again he left after the skeleton for season 2 was already finished. How season three will turn out no one knows, and it will be the first full season without any Spotnitz impressions. He worked for years developing the series, so pay close attention to the arcs in the new season since that is most likely why he decided to leave.

When looking at the way the show has handled Hitler, they have also had to be careful with how he is portrayed. Just like Pablo Escobar in Narcos, the actor who plays Hitler absolutely nails the character. Rather than seeing an actor play a role the audience is witness to Wolf Muser totally transforming a role that has been played countless times. The only downside is that he has limited time to do it, and currently has appeared in less than 5 episodes.

Season three will offer new challenges with how they handle Hitler and The Man in the High Castle, with both being majorly important to the storyline. If they keep at the current pace then the story will continue to be stellar, and Amazon will continue to get awards.

Is this the best show on Amazon? What do you think of the way Muser plays Hitler?

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