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No decision has been made as to when production of The Little Couple Season 12 will resume

Release Date of #LittleCouple S12: To be announced

The Little Couple is a reality television series featuring Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold-Klein, a couple with skeletal dysplasia. Bill is 4 feet tall, while Jennifer is only 3 feet 2 inches. The series follows Bill and Jennifer’s lives. So far, the show has followed them through the building of their house in Houston, Texas, the beginning of Bill’s medical supplies business, their attempts at having children, their eventual adoption of two children, Will and Zoey, and two dogs, Rocky and Maggie. Will and Zoey also have skeletal dysplasia, so their entire family is made up of dwarf people. The show has also documented Jennifer’s struggle with a rare form of cancer, stage 4 choriocarcinoma, after a non-viable pregnancy in 2013. Before adopting Will, Bill and Jennifer tried again and again to have their own children, even with a surrogate mother, but their attempts failed. This led them to adopt Will from China, and later, adopt Zoey from India.

One thing viewers may be curious about is whether Bill and Jennifer will adopt another child, or perhaps another dog. While the child would have more of an impact on the show, they have only adopted children with skeletal dysplasia so far. As the condition is rare, they may not find another child they are interested in adopting. Whether they adopt again is yet to be seen, and if they do, it will be both a happy time for them, as well as a source of potential complications moving forward.

As previously mentioned, Bill and Jennifer own a business that sells various medical supplies. This business was named Rocky & Maggie, after their dogs. This business has helped support their family through the move, Will and Zoey’s adoptions, and even Jennifer’s cancer. As both Bill and Jennifer have had some major medical issues, they will rely heavily on the business to care for their family; Jennifer does work, but has been out of work recovering from her cancer. While Jennifer has been winning her battle with cancer, Bill has had multiple surgeries, and it is completely possible for either of them to have their health take a turn for the worse. As they now have two children and their dogs to care for, having one or both of them unable to work would be a hard blow to their family.

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The series has aired on TLC since its premiere, and has since continued to 11 seasons, with a total of 134 episodes released. It has maintained view ratings in the millions throughout its running time, and hasn’t seen any decrease in popularity. It looks as if #LittleCouple will continue as a running show on TLC, as it would be inconceivable to think of TLC cancelling the show, not when it has come this far. Really, the only factor that would drive #LittleCouple to cancellation is if Bill and Jennifer decide to leave the show. While there have been some reality shows like #LC that continued to ridiculous season numbers, Bill and Jennifer

may tire of having a reality show, and decide to live a more private life, or perhaps have medical complications that would cause them to withdraw from the show. In this case, #LC would be cancelled, likely permanently.

LC is available to stream from TLC’s website, and is also available on Hulu. New episodes of Season 8 will continue to air on Tuesdays at 9/8c on the TLC channel, as well as repeats of previous episodes.

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Kimberly Mehalek
Kimberly Mehalek
4 months 13 days ago

Dear Family, There are no words to describe what a blessing you are. Thank you for sharing your life and openness. One regret I have is that I did not watch this show before I had children. I love how you love your life, teach your children, your extreme positive attitude (which shows in their attitudes and love of everyone) toward them, your beautiful parents. This is truly a gift to us fans. You are absolute champions and a fantastic example of marriage and child rearing. We learn a lot from you. I cannot wait to be a grand parent now!
Love to all of you,
Kim Mehalek