‘The Level’ Is No Ordinary Cop Drama


ITV went out of its way to make sure The Level starts out with a bang-literally. The plot of the shows starts at the beginning of the first episode with shooting, one that will soon become attached to lies and mystery. Cast members consist of Karla Crome, Robert James-Collier, Lindsey Coulsen and Noel Clark.

With the sea by Brighton as the location, expect some pretty visuals. The trailers alone show that the directors have a lot for scenic places, but don’t let that fool you. Dark, gritty and powerful, this is the one place Detective Sergeant Nancy Devlin didn’t want to spend her career in. With the recent shooting disturbing the locals, there is something about this case that feels a bit off. It’ll be up to Devlin and her team to figure it out before everything goes cold, and that’s if it already hasn’t.

The problem is that she is involved personally with the shooting, and her life and career are on the line. Once friends with notorious criminal Frank Le Saux, a scheduled meetup between friends turns into an assassination attempt on both of their lives. Frank dies, and Nancy barely gets away with her life. So imagine when this very case gets dropped on her desk, and she has to decide what to do.

On one hand Nancy is a great cop with a team that would follow her anywhere. Then on the more secretive side, no one knows about her involvement with Frank in any capacity, or that she was there when he was shot. There is a balance to the game that The Level plays, but even in the first episode it’s clear to see that no matter what road Nancy takes, she is done as a cop. The premiere is September 30th, and interested parties will have a lot of questions to ask.

What do you think of the premise? Can the series become something special for ITV?


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