‘The Legend Of Master Legend’ Is Exactly How It Sounds


With possibly the weirdest title on television, it is hard to miss the intentional comedy in the upcoming production from Amazon. James Ponsoldt is set to direct it and there is a good chance it can be something special.

The minds behind the series are Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster, the same writers responsible for Transparent. That is a lot of behind the camera talent for this new streaming comedy, and they’re just getting started. Based on Joshuah Bearman’s ramblings about real-life superheroes in an article done in Rolling Stone, the new series will follow Master Legend through all of his misadventures as a superhero. Tagging along will be sidekick Ace, who fares no better than the main character when it comes to dressing up.

Shooting is scheduled for next month, and there are a lot of comparisons to this show and The Tick. Kick-Ass is also a great comparison, and is a lot more recent to the material. No actors, budget or even plotlines have been released for the series, and at this point it is in pretty dangerous territory. Bearman’s Rolling Stone article was great, but didn’t provide enough meat for an entire television series. So who will the main villain be? What will be the motivations of the characters?

A lot of these questions will be answered through small social media drops during filming, so while the series looks fantastic as a concept, it is still in the baby stages. No actors have been chosen for any of the parts, which will be a big part of what makes the series. There is a lot of promise in the show, but they still have to develop it beyond the concept stage for it to be original.

Will this be a hit Amazon series? Or will it fade away like The Tick?

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