‘The Leftovers’ Prepares For The End


The Leftovers is coming to an end when April rolls around. Season 3 is expected to be eight episodes long, and executive producers Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta confirmed the news on social media.

Production for season three was shot in Australia, with a lot of returning favorites coming back from both sides. There will be a different vibe to the show altogether even with a lot of the regulars coming back, and it has more to do with how they want to wrap things up rather than where it was shot. Previous seasons had a sense of dread over them, so unless the producers want to go for a cryptic Mortal Kombat ending, the show most likely will have a bittersweet one. With the ridiculously long wait it took just to get season three, no one is complaining how they do it as long as it’s good.

The way they are scheduling it provides a good lead in for when Game of Thrones returns, coincidentally wrapping up with their last two seasons. About the only thing to complain about with the return is that Ann Dowd won’t be back, leaving fans to switch over to Quarry if they want to see their favorite actress. The episode count is also two episodes show of their usual, with no word on if specific ones will go past normal duration. Beggars can’t be choosers in this situation, and the producers are doing everything they can to give the fans what they want while also being faithful to the show itself. With such a delicate line to tip toe across, a lot of mistakes can be made on how they end it. But there are no worries since they’ve shown just how talented they are with the series over the years.

How will The Leftovers end? What show will you use to replace it?

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