The Last Ship: What to Expect from Season 3


In an era where post-apocalyptic movies and television shows are sweeping everyone’s television screens, The Last Ship is a unique take on a world where a majority of the population has been wiped out by a viral pandemic, as they are located on a ship in the open ocean. The Last Ship has completed two seasons since it premiered in 2014 on TNT and the third season is expected to air in June of 2016. Taking place on a fictional Navy missile destroyer, its crew is the last of its type, and remained unaffected by the virus. In an attempt to save the people of the world, their mission is now to find a cure, and stop the virus from spreading further. The series is loosely based off of the 1988 book by the same title, and thus far has been well received by audiences and critics alike, as it has been nominated for three separate awards, including Best Action/Thriller Series.

What is on the horizon for the third season?

After season two left off with the Ship’s Commander Tom Chandler, hoping to meet up with landlubbers to distribute the cure, it is likely new characters will be introduced in the third season, and some of them may prove to be untrustworthy as the past repeats itself for the crew. As the cure as been discovered, it is now time to rebuild the world. Things get a little deep when a former Navy Intelligence offer begins working undercover in the new United States government as it rebuilds. The show has plenty of twists in store for viewers, and while the operative of the show may have changed courses, that doesn’t mean it will have any less of the action.

Who wrote the original book The Last Ship?
The book with written by William Brinkley, who actually was a commissioned officer of the US Navy in the World War II era, serving duties in the public relations area, which made him a suitable author for a book taking place on a Navy ship. He had a rich history in journalism, having worked at the Daily Oklahoman and The Washington Post before and after his time in the navy. He also did a lot of work with Life Magazine, and wrote his first book in 1948, which was the first of many, the last of which was The Last Ship and it ended up being one of his most popular books.

What are people saying about The Last Ship?
Thus far, the show has earned itself a rating of 7.4 stars by the ever critical reviews of IMDb which makes it off to a pretty good start. Many viewers have found the storyline to be fast paced and entertaining. It has good effects and the footage better than expected for many and the set is good, with decent acting. Critics, despite acknowledging that it is a science fiction show, have complained that the show is very unrealistic and the scenarios are a little farfetched. Regardless, people are watching the show and enjoying it greatly.

Who is the star of The Last Ship?
Eric Dane stars as Commander Tom Chandler, and has been acclaimed as one of the best actors on the show. He is known for his work as Dr. Sloan, better known as McSteamy, on Grey’s Anatomy. He was also in Marley and Me in 2008. He got his interest in acting while he was in the play All My Sons in High School. He started acting on television in the early nineties, playing small roles in several popular television series at the time.

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