‘The Last Ship’ Gets Another Renewal


The Last Ship is killing it in the ratings and TNT knows it. That is why they renewed it for a fifth season, which comes as a huge surprise as it was just recently renewed for season 4. All of this is taking place before the season 3 finale has even aired!

TNT original programming EVP Sarah Aubrey is one of the many bosses excited about the renewal, one that takes the thriller deep into 2018. The second renewal comes as the show made some pretty heavy reveals, with the season finale on September 11th set to change the series forever. Mostly likely the big bosses have seen it already and realized exactly how much of a shakeup that change would be. The Last Ship is due for some major spoilers for those that aren’t careful about their internet surfing, so be careful.

Showrunner Steven Kane has already bragged about the finale answering questions that were previously unanswered. He ended by talking about an unexpected scenario, which leads many to believe that season 3 will end on a cliffhanger. But not one of those corny The Walking Dead ‘gotcha’ cliffhangers, but a satisfying one that will leave viewers breathless.

The Last Ship joins a number of shows across several networks that have received multiple season renewals. As networks get smart about costs and locking up a good thing, multi-season renewals are a great way to keep fan bases in check so they don’t worry about when or how their series will get cancelled. It’s a technique that could have saved the bacon of Penny Dreadful and a number of other series that bit the dust long before they were due.

What do you think will happen in the season finale of The Last Ship? Does the multiple season renewal have anything to do with the finale?

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