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BBC America began airing The Last Kingdom series Two on March 16, 2017

S2 Started March 16, 2017

The first season of The Last Kingdom aired its finale episode on the 28th of November, but chances are looking good for a second season renewal. Executive producer Gareth Neame has already discussed his vision for a second season.

If #LastKingdom is renewed it will involve King Alfred (David Dawson) endorsing Christianity as well as attempting to consolidate the royalty and nobles of the land so as to band together and get rid of the invading Vikings. While Uhtred of Bebbenburg (Alexander Dreymon) will face difficult events that will test his strength of character, and maturing him in the process.

In Season 2 Uhtred would spend much of the season seeking out the land of his Anglo Saxon father, which is due to him as his birthright. During his quest he will simultaneously search for his sister, whom he has recently found out is still alive. Ultimately, Uhtred would spend the majority of Season 2 vacillating between his dual heritages of Dane and Anglo-Saxon.

Uhtred mainly identifies as a Viking as he was taken in by Vikings and brought up as one of their own, but he wants to claim back his father’s estate, which was stolen from him by the very Vikings that killed off his ancestral bloodline. Uhtred’s quest for identity will run parallel with Alfred’s story, which has more of a political bend to it as he aims to unite the land into a nation.

These are very specific statements for an executive producer to make for a show that has not been renewed yet. There is a good chance that pre-production on a second season is already taking place.

However, BBC America has already renewed a few of its other popular shows, such as Almost Royal, Broadchurch, Luther and Orphan Black. On the other hand, the network have already cancelled a few of their other shows, Whitechapel and Atlantis, of which #LastKingdom didn’t make that list either. Tatau, another freshman BBC series premiered at the same time as LK and the jury is still out whether this show has been cancelled or renewed as well.

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LK brings in around 1.6 million UK viewers per episode in its 9pm timeslot, which is not bad, but it isn’t exactly a ratings powerhouse either. However, it has appealed to critics which means that BBC America may air it for another season to give it more time to find its audience, as has been the fate of past series’ which drew in more and more viewers as the seasons went on.

#LK may just require more exposure, which its good reviews and second season could easily offer curious viewers. There seems to be a trend with TV series’ currently where shows are based on historical events and are factually accurate but told through the lives of fictional characters. Shows like Manhattan (which reveals the events leading up to the race to build the world’s first atomic bomb) and The Man in the High Castle (a fictional account of America if Germany had won the second world war) evidence this trend.

#LK is based on a series of 9 books titled

The Saxon Stories, so there is room for many seasons to unfold before the creators run out of material. As the stories already exist, it is a case of writers adapting the books for the screen, which can be a far quicker process than coming up with a story from scratch.

Did you watch the first season of The Last Kingdom? Would you be keen to follow Alfred and Uhtred’s journeys for future seasons to come?

Waiting game almost coming to an end!

UPDATED June 10, 2016

Excellent news! Things are hotting up for season 2 of 'The Last Kingdom' which is set to hit our screens in 2017. Not only are Richard Rankin (Thirteen, From Darkness) and Peter McDonald (Thirteen, Ripper Street) joining the all star cast for the new season, but we have now learned that BBC2 and Netflix have actually joined forces in order to co-produce season 2 which is pretty exciting!

UPDATED December 15, 2015

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