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ITV2's Comedy series will not be renewed for a Fourth season

#JobLot Ended, No Season Four :(

The Job Lot is a British sitcom airing on ITV2. The series first aired in April 2013 and has seen three seasons so far. The series is set in a job center and follows the workers therein. The series has not yet been renewed for a fourth season at this time.

What It’s About?

The series follows the lives of employees of a busy job center in the West Midlands town of Brownall. There’s the uptight boss Trish, Karl who is a dreamy romantic, assistant manager Natalie, the miserable Angela, Paul and Janette the security guards, and Ash the psychologist. The series follows the work, social, and personal lives of the employees as they deal with anything and everything that takes place in the center.

Where We Left Off?

It’s the job center’s twenty-fifth anniversary and Trish is back from her Spanish holiday to celebrate. Natalie finds the original manager Maggie Higgins and tries to get her to come to the party. While at the party, Maggie recognizes Angela but Angela is trying to hide. She may have a secret that she doesn’t want anyone to know.

What’s Next?

The series has not yet been renewed for a fourth season. The series has had very mixed reviews in the past so it is far from certain what the fate of the series will be. It has done well enough to warrant three seasons, but no announcement has been made about plans to renew the series. We will have to wait for more information to be released about the series before we have a better idea of what is ahead for the series. Check back with us to stay up to date on the latest JL news.

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Since the series has not yet been renewed we do not have any information about what will be coming in a new season should the show return. We left off with Angela trying to keep her big secret. But it’s unclear if that will figure into the new season. We will have to wait for more information about the series to be released before we have any kind of idea what might be happening in a new season. That announcement is likely to come with or after the announcement about the series’ renewal. Until then we can only really speculate about what might be in the future for the show.

We also don’t know when to expect the new seasons to air if the series gets renewed. That information will likely become available after filming has begun on the new season and the network has a better idea of when the show will be ready to air. Previous seasons have all aired at different times of the year so there isn’t really a pattern for the new season to follow. Since we haven’t heard anything yet is seems likely that the series will return for the spring season at the earliest. We’ll know more once we hear from the network about the series’ fate.

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9 months 19 days ago

I really enjoyed the job lot and was a comedy as good as Benedom. The reason many people did not watch the 3rd season was down to scheduling as the dates the episodes aired changed.

I hope they bring it back

3 months 14 days ago

Cannot believe it’s not coming back. Such an underrated, great British comedy.

2 months 5 days ago

Watched this on Netflix, all three series. Never laughed so much. It is fab and there should be Series 4.

I am watching them all again for the third time.