‘The Grand Tour’ Looking Good So Far


The first photos from production have surfaced from the show that is described as the ‘Top Gear’ killer. Even with Top Gear basically offing itself, The Grand Tour is taking all of the great chemistry from the former Top Gear hosts and turning into something special. It is a long time coming, and one of the many things that make this show a lot better than people think. There is no exact premiere date, but the show is under contract for 3 years and 36 episodes. Here are the minds behind the show and why it is worth the watch.

Jeremy Clarkson is one of the three hosts and probably the most recognizable, and is a former Top Gear co-host who also works as a talented writer. The Sunday Times and The Sun have a lot of his best work, and he has talent behind and in front of the camera. Clarkson is passionate and sharp, which led to him getting fired from Top Gear. But it’s that same fire that made him one of the better hosts on the show.

Richard Hammond is the youngest in the group, and the hardest working. The former Top Gear co-host handles a lot of presenting work with other shows like ‘Total Wipeout’ and ‘Planet Earth Live’. The spirited Hammond sometimes seems like a younger version of Clarkson as they both share that same passion for cars and adventure.

James May is the last of the trio, and was underrated by American audiences that watched Top Gear. His co-hosting duties on the show were really entertaining, as he looked to make the most of every opportunity. He is the geek of the show, with the title well-earned and proudly worn.

The Grand Tour is going to be fantastic, and will become the next big thing on Amazon.

Did Top Gear make a mistake by underestimating the trio? Which show will fetch the better ratings?

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