The Future of ‘Criminal Minds’ Is In Jeopardy


Things just keep getting worse for the popular crime drama, and this one comes with an extra layer of salt. Thomas Gibson has been with the series since the very beginning but was let go after assaulting a co-worker for the second time. The situation was handled in the least messy way possible, and now there seems to be some extra ramifications for how the network took care of this debacle.

Gibson has retained the law services of Louis “Skip” Miller and Alexander Frid and will have an official sit down with his lawyers next week. They are considering pursuing legal action against the producers at both the CBS TV Studios and ABC Studios. So essentially, Disney will get sucked into this lawsuit as they own ABC. The move is a bit baffling considering he was the one to instigate the fight, however this could be a case about getting the rest of the money on his contract. With the studio firing Gibson, he also forfeits all of the money he was owed. This could be spun as an unlawful firing, and Gibson could walk away with the bank.

Recently, former co-star Shemar Moore put out a video on his Instagram account that went in pretty deep on Gibson. While he never mentioned him by name, the gist of it was about ‘people’ that think they are above everyone else will get theirs, while good people will continue to balance out due to karma. It doesn’t take a magnifying glass to see what was going on there, and even though the video was deleted, social media has copied and pasted it elsewhere to live on in infamy.

Do you think Gibson has a good chance of winning a lawsuit against his former producers? What do you think about the karma video from Shemar Moore?

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