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No decision has been made as to when production of The Flash Season 4 will resume

Release Date of #Flash S4: To be announced

What’s red and yellow and faster than lightning?

Multiple Earths, doppelgängers, metahumans, and more! What’s not to love about The CW’s hit series The Flash? Nothing! A super-cool costume, a super-fast superpower, and a super-awesome actor playing the lead. While some viewers out there may be bashing @Flash, most adore it completely.

Grant Gustin plays Barry Allen (aka #Flash), a forensic investigator until lightning changed his life, again. A similar bolt to what killed his mother when he was a youngster came after him one day, forcing him to become something superhuman. Barry decides to use his speed for good, fighting to stop all those who threaten human existence.

This DC Comics universe show spun-off of the success of Arrow, the first superhero series on The CW. Fans of #Flash will really love this new season, and non-fans might just want to binge-watch the first two seasons, get all caught up on the plot and characters before diving into the third; it will make for a most enjoyable viewer experience.

@Flash gets high marks!

Critics have given The Flash generally positive reviews since its inception. Metacritic has an overall rating of 73 out of 100, with the overwhelming majority have great things to say, mostly applauding the show’s ability to make nerdy situations easily digestible by all.

IMDb  voters rank The Flash a super-high 8.2 out of 10, with over 190,000 votes cast. That is one of the highest ranked superhero shows on IMDb! Viewers are positively commenting about the sound moral messaging behind the story, the top-notch acting, and the special effects.

Negative comments generally attack the show’s poor writing and cheesy dialog, but that’s the nature of a true-to-comic adaptation, especially when writing from older storylines. There are also complaints about confusion of characters and plot from those who jump into the series mid-season.

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Flashy ratings and viewership!

The Flash is a steady earner for The CW, with average viewership for seasons one and two being 4.62 million and 4.25 million, respectively. Each of the first two seasons’ demo ratings averaged 1.7, leading the network to announce an official renewal for this new third season.

Season 3 premiered on October 4 2016, with a demo rating of 1.3 and 3.16 million viewers. That’s not too bad for the CW network’s top rated show; only 0.18 million less viewers tuned in for this premiere than did for last season’s finale. The following two episodes felt dips in viewership, but nothing out of the ordinary for this series.

Although nothing has been announced yet, with a strong fan following and exciting cross-overs with fellow DC universe shows airing on same network, there’s no reason to believe that The Flash won’t get renewed for a fourth season and beyond.

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights at 8pm ET on The CW.

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