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‘The Ex’ Is More Than A Dating Show


For fans that have been missing Tiffany Pollard, well rejoice for she is coming back to reality television. And this is not her normal self-absorbed television show but one dedicated to finding love for the right guy. Executive produced and starring Pollard, The Ex will tackle gay love by pitting two exes against one another. They will have to battle it out for the affection of three different guys, so there is a bit of a competition going on here. The show is being shopped to networks so there is no premiere date, yet VH1 looks like a strong choice considering their history with Pollard.

The reality show junkie has made a career by being herself and probably holds a world record for the most reality shows on a resume. In her humble beginnings she started out as New York on Flavor of Love in 2006, back when VH1 was making a killing on trashy dating shows. Outspoken and entertaining, she didn’t win but became a mainstay in Flavor Flav’s life, making a big enough impression to get her own show, I Love New York.

Fast forward through the years and she has made appearances on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, The Next 15, Celebrity Big Brother, Botched, Reality Obsessed, New York Goes to Work and probably a million other series. She is the perfect host for the show, and has been known as pro-LGBT for years now. Promos have already been released for the dating show and it is looking like it will be a big hit, so if VH1 doesn’t pick it up then it will surely find a home somewhere else (possibly a streaming site).

What network do you think The EX will end up on? Which reality show was Pollard on that you would consider a favorite?

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