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Destination America is yet to decide on the future of the The Demon Files for Season 2

Release Date of #DemonFiles S2: To be announced

People are all talking about The Demon Files, but probably not in the way producers had hoped. Following a demonologist – yes that’s a thing – who was a former New York City police officer, the show has received much criticism since it premiered in November of 2015. Ralph Sarchie hosts with his team of eight fellow investigators, and sets out not to seek demons, but to help those who have encountered them through teaching them how to rid their homes and lives of them.

What is a demonologist?

A demonologist is a person who studies demonology, which is a branch of theology that studies demons, beliefs pertaining to demons, and supernatural beings that are not gods. Contrary to modern beliefs, not all demons are malevolent, and originally the term classified a benevolent being. The more a person is able to understand demons, they are better prepared to react when malevolent ones are encountered. For many demonologists, their studies focus on the demons that can cause harm.

Who is Sergeant Ralph Sarchie? 

Growing up in a religious household, Ralph Sarchie grew up to be a religious man. When he entered law enforcement, he turned to it as a way to help him through some challenging times. After his time on the force when he retired he used his religion to get into the field of demonology. He is of the belief that in order to fully understand the devil, one must understand God first. Prior to the show, he would investigate homes and listen to people’s stories to determine whether the home needed an exorcism but once he had the group, the decision became a team effort. Faith and religion is a huge part of his life and of his career, and his 18 years as a police officer also gave him some extra skills for battling malevolent supernatural forces. He has also written a book, called Beware the Night, which tells about how his two different lives have worked together.

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What sets the investigation on this show apart from others?

While many shows out there hunt ghosts, or portray the stories of those who have had typically bad encounters, Ralph Sarchie and #DF team seek out to actually help people by determining whether they need an exorcism. But he is very adamant that the show will never portray a demonic possession exorcism. He does not believe that this is something that should be televised, and true priests who perform such things do it for the good of the victim, not for credit on a television show. #DemonFiles’ team also will never solicit an exorcism, they help people who reach out to them and they don’t take any money for it. Sarchie’s strong faith, and his desire to help to save people are probably the biggest contributing factor to how the show is so different than any other paranormal shows.

How are people reacting to the show? 

The reviews are mixed, but when the show makes the headlines it isn’t for its merits. Those who dislike the show think that Sarchie is hard to take seriously, and that his tough

cop tendencies worsen that. Some viewers have even gone so far to say that he is on the show just for attention, and he makes non-televised demonologists and exorcists look bad. Those who are proponents of the show believe him to be a hero for going out and helping people free their lives of demons. While there are a variety of viewer demographics, those who are particularly religious find his work to be a blessing.

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11 months 23 days ago

I love the show would like to see many more seasons in the future