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The fate of The Code Season 3 remains up in the air

Release Date of #Code S3: To be announced

The Code is a drama television show produced in Australia by Shelley Birse, who also wrote the story for the series. The first season premiered in September of 2014. It is now in its second season on the air in Australia and the UK, as well as on smaller networks in the US, other parts of Europe, Canada and Latin America. The second season premiered in September of 2016, and it is still underway.

The story itself centers on two brothers, Ned Banks (Dan Spielman) and Jesse Banks (Ashley Zukerman). Ned is a journalist, and his brother, Jesse, is a computer whiz and hacker who has already been caught up into trouble for his exploits before.

In the first season, the two brothers found themselves caught in the middle of a massive cover up conspiracy following a mysterious car crash. They eventually trace down the source and reason for the cover up—a government conspiracy. In the final episode of season one, the brothers make public the scandal involving Ian Bradley (David Wenham), the Deputy Prime Minister, and force him into resignation.

@Code did well in its first season on the air, averaging well over half a million viewers watching per episode, with the season opener enjoying the widest viewership of 771,000. On IMDb, #Code has a rating of 7.6 out of 10 stars. It also won several Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards in 2015, including Best Direction in a Television Drama or Comedy, and two awards for Best Lead Actor in a Television Drama which were given to both Dan Spielman and Ashley Zukerman for their starring roles in the show.

So it’s no surprise that the show was renewed for an additional six episodes in June of 2015. Fans of the show have claimed it is the best TV series Australia has put out in a long time, but some also say that the earliest episodes of the series were the best, while later episodes seemed a bit uninspired and stale. Some have also said that the computer hacking done in the show is unrealistic, which makes the plot sometimes very hard to believe and buy into.

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But, overall, @Code has enjoyed a very good critical reception, and contains plenty of thrilling moments to keep the viewer glued to their seats, waiting to see what happens next.

#Code is currently halfway through its second season. Viewership has remained steady, and the number of viewers for each episode has been similar to those that the first season saw. With awards under its belt, and an international audience, there’s a good chance fans will get their wish for a third season. But there has been no official statement on this released yet.

If you love the show, we want to hear from you below in the comments! How do you think the current season compares to the first one? Do you find the computer

hacking to be unrealistic? Does a show have to be realistic for it to be entertaining and worth watching for an hour each week?

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Debra Gribbon
Debra Gribbon
11 months 10 days ago

Really enjoyed The Code. It was a bit weird listening to Jess sounding like Hugh Grant! Lol. Can’t wait for next season.

Alex Kostiuk
Alex Kostiuk
9 months 23 days ago

This was a brilliant piece of Australian drama, acting etc…I can see strong possibilities for a 3rd season referring to the conclusion of season 2 (sorry, no spoiler alerts). Fingers crossed for S3!!!

ShadowFX (Not my real name)
ShadowFX (Not my real name)
8 months 18 days ago

Loved it, can’t make it too realistic for obvious reasons, as someone who works in cybersecurity I didn’t find it lessened the story in any way. It’s good to see those who operate above the law get their comeuppance. Can’t wait for season 3.

Debbie Horton
Debbie Horton
6 months 19 days ago

Just finished binge watching both seasons. Brilliant series. Absolutely loved the relationship between Ned and Jesse evolve and mature. Highly recommend watching The Code. Looking forward to Season 3.

6 months 10 days ago

Eu adoro essa série e estou asionsa para a 3 temporada

Nadia Mayol
Nadia Mayol
5 months 19 days ago

Loved it!
Good story
Great performances
Good plot!
Love Jesse to pieces!
Can hardly wait for season 3!

4 months 7 days ago

This is an excellent series that needs to be promoted. I had to get through show 1 to “get it” but once I did I loved it. Excellent actors and script. Please bring back for a season 3.