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GSN has cancelled the Game Show series, there will not be a Season 5

#ChaseUSA Cancelled, No Season Five :(

The Chase is a quiz show airing on the GSN. The series is based on the British series of the same name. The series first premiered in August 2013 and has seen four seasons so far.
The second half of the fourth season resumed on July 16, 2015. There has been no announcement yet about a fifth season renewal for the series.

What It’s About?

Each episode of the series features three contestants who compete as a team. First, each person competes against the Chaser alone. They must answer as many questions as possible in a minute rapid-fire round. Each right answer is worth $5,000. Next they compete directly against the Chaser to keep the money they have won so far and to continue on to the Final Chase.

Answering enough questions right is the goal of each contestant. This lets them move their money to the bank without getting caught by the Chaser. The Chaser’s job is to catch them on mistakes. The players must answer five questions right without getting caught to move their money to the bank and continue on to the Final Chase.

The player can play for additional offers that are given at the start of the round. These offers include things like playing for a lower amount but starting closer to the bank, or playing for higher amounts of money but having to go longer without getting caught. The Chaser can also offer an even bigger offer that requires the person to answer seven questions right without getting caught.

After offers are made the amount of money the contestant is playing for is displayed on a game board which has however many spaces the contestant has chosen to play. The Chaser starts the round eight spaces away from the bank. The contestant and the Chaser are given a question and they each have to give an answer.

Whoever does not answer first has only five seconds after the first person to answer. Each right answer moves them one space. The game continues until the contestant reaches the bank or the Chaser catches them. Each contestant competes in a round before advancing to the Final Chase.

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The Final Chase starts the players out how ever many spaces ahead as they have players who advanced to the round. The contestants choose from two sets of questions. The Chaser plays whatever set they don’t choose. The contestants have two minutes to answer as many questions right as possible. The contestant who rings in must answer the question if there are multiple players in the round.
After the contestants’ round the Chase also has two minutes to answer as many questions as possible. If the chaser answers incorrectly, the team is allowed a brief time to answer the question. If they answer correctly, the Chaser moves back a space or the team goes ahead if the Chaser is not on the board yet. If the Chaser is unable to catch up to the team they split the money between themselves. If the Chaser catches up the team gets no money.

What’s Next?

There has been no announcement yet about a fifth season for the series. It is one of the network’s highest rated shows so a renewal seems very likely for the series. The fourth season is still underway on the network so it is not too surprising that there has been no announcement yet, though previous seasons have been renewed before the current season was finished. We don’t know any details yet about a new season since no announcement has been made so we don’t know if there will be any changes made to the series just yet.

How To Watch?

New episodes of the series air on


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10 months 14 days ago

I love that game show, the Chase. I would watch it every week. I wish it was on more than once a week. You guys go and cancel it. It needs to come back, even if it’s on a different network!!!!!!!

Gypo Nolan
Gypo Nolan
10 months 11 days ago

WTF? This was the best show on the GSN! I guess this was too far over the heads of the great unwashed.

9 months 24 days ago

Along with Jeopardy, this is the best game show….WHY cancel it?

8 months 14 days ago

The best show on TV!!!!!

7 months 7 days ago

Best game show ever I do think the contestants should get some kind of consolation prize though

jackie elbert
jackie elbert
4 months 16 days ago

sooner or later GSN cancels everything good..taped THE CHASE every day;;how many FAMILY FEUDS do we have to watch???.most of the time on both channels…why???..

L. Green
L. Green
4 months 14 days ago

The Chase is the best show ever. Why Why Why. Please bring the show back.