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The Biggest Loser Season 18? The network has not made a decision yet

Release Date of #BiggestLoser S18: To be announced

The Biggest Loser is a weight-loss reality show that needs no introduction. The American show has been running for over 12 years now and still gets a decent-sized audience.

It all began back in 2004 when the show debuted on October 19 and was hosted by Caroline Rhea, along with Kim Lyons and Alison Sweeney. You might ask, “what is the point of a weight-loss reality show?”, but if it is turned into a contest, that is a whole different story.

#BL is not your everyday documentary-like reality show, as it presents contests of overweight people who attempt to lose weight with the help of star trainers like Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels. Reality shows often tend to hide some ‘fake’ elements that the audience can easily spot, but BL is not commonly known for such. You have direct evidence for the contestants to actually go through a process which ends up in some significant weight-loss.

The Beginning 

As mentioned earlier, the show started back in 2004 when the premiere appeared on NBC and was an instant hit. The first season arrived with twelve great episodes that each ran for 43 minutes. The initial state of the show already hinted that it was going to be a great fusion of reality and game-show genres. The show was originally created by David Broome, Mark Koops and Benjamin Silverman, joined by writer Trace Slobotkin. The directing role was first taken by Brian Smith, but others also played this role later on.

The first episode already revealed the whole nature of the show, with 12 contestants split into two teams with their separate assigned trainers who battled each other in the amount of weight given off.

The first season received some great feedback from fans, but a few sceptical ones believed that the statistics were unrealistic, and perhaps did not believe in the achievements of the contestants.

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The Present and Future of #BiggestLoser 

BL has been pumping out episodes for 12 years and has recently launched the 17th season in January 2016. Seventeen seasons is definitely a significant amount and NBC does not seem to be having the slightest idea of cancelling the show anytime soon. Bob Harper has just become the new host of the show, after being a trainer for 16 seasons. Along with that, plenty of major changes also occurred in the show, including a variety of new locations like the house and the gym.

The latest season revolves around eight pairs, sixteen contestants who once again compete against each other in losing weight. Regardless of some not so great IMDb ratings, the show is highly popular, but perhaps, has a slightly limited viewer base  because of the topic.

The 17th season features trainers Jennifer Widerstrom and Dolvett Quince who are responsible for the two competing sides. The directing role has been acquired by Neil DeGroot who is partly known for The Ultimate Ultimate Challenge and Endurance 5: High Sierras.

The future of #BiggestLoser seems quite evident. It will most likely run for several years to come unless NBC decides to shut it down, but that is not probable. Season 18 will probably commence this fall, bringing a brand new set of contestants who

are willing to lose some significant weight. Season 17 concludes in February and the following season should be announced before the summer.

The main place to watch #BL is on NBC, but some countries also have it with a delay in seasons. If you like the reality show genre and do not mind some competition, or perhaps need some good tips on losing weight, then The Biggest Loser might just be the right show to watch.

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