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Season 1 of The Battle of the Ex-Besties debuted on February 14, 2017

S1 Started February 14, 2017

Riding on the fame of The Bad Girls Club is The Battle of the Ex-Besties, which forces groups of rivals who were former friends against each other for dramatic times and good ratings. Like The Bad Girls Club, this is something of a turnkey operation. If you put people who are predisposed to hating each other in the same room and you force them to be together for a while, something interesting is bound to happen. Oxygen isn’t trying to hide the link, either. One of the pairs is confirmed to be Danni and Judi, who were on Bad Girls.

The success of this show will rest on its ability to exploit the drama created by the grudges of the contestants. So far, a trailer has been released and it’s looking promising. There are a variety of colorful and obscene contestants. They don’t seem to hate each other enough to fight tooth and nail. Rather, it appears they have ambivalent feelings toward each other. After all, having been good friends in the past, there must be many points of compatibility between them. It’s looking like there’s going to be a lot more complexity and character development here compared to other reality shows. To my knowledge, this is the first time ex-friends are placed on screen to cooperate with each other.

Oxygen claims that this program will explore the true “value” of friendship and it seems this is not just marketing jargon. There are so many questions to answer about the nature of friendship during times of hardship and the ability to rebuild a relationship that’s gone the wrong way. While the show was no doubt created to stir up as much drama from the viewers as possible with the unwitting guinea pigs scratching at the handle in the cage for their 15-minute pellet of fame, Oxygen might have something bigger on its hands. We will know more of this when the show actually premieres near the end of this year.

One point to notice about #BattleExBesties is that the format is not going to be the cohabitation model used by so many reality shows since The Real World. This is a competition show with the mini-games which feature in some segments of Big Brother as well as bigger challenges more reminiscent of Fear Factor or American Gladiator. It has yet to be seen how much is challenge and how much is bare social interaction. If there are too many challenges, it runs the risk of losing the fans coming from the Bad Girls Club, which leaned toward observing harridans in their natural territory.

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Ex-Besties will definitely be an oddity among reality television in terms of its originality, but it borrows just enough from other female-oriented reality shows to be interesting. It will probably get more than one season. We’ll know for sure sometime after the ratings for the first season are released. You can know what we know if you sign up to our email

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Do you intend to watch this competition program when it comes out in December? Who is your favorite character from the trailer? Would you ever go on TV and cooperate with your ex-friend turned enemy to try and win the $100,000 prize? Give us your opinions down below.

Feb. 14 will mark the premiere of the new competition series The Battle of the Ex-Besties! And it will be hosted by Sibley Scoles who should be formidable in handling all the oncoming chaos.

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