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‘The Bachelorette Canada’ Comes To Thrilling Conclusion


Obvious spoilers are ahead, just in case you have come upon this page by accident. Jasmine has had a real tough time this season trying to decide who her special man would be. The freshman season of The Bachelorette Canada has gotten off to an explosive start, and has proven to be much more successful than anticipated. When it came down to deciding between Mikhel and Kevin W., Jasmine had to make an incredible hard decision.

Kevin didn’t do himself any favors by showing a jealous side. He walked out on her in the Fantasy Suite, making things really uncomfortable in the decision making process. Did anyone forget to tell him that there were several men vying for Jasmine’s affection? He did come back, but the damage was done. Jasmine has always had fears of someone she falls in love with leaving her, so Kevin was already on the hot seat. Now that it was Mikhel’s game to lose, how did he do? Well they had a date together that ended on a high note, with Jasmine admitting she is falling in love with Mikhel- game, set and match right?

Somehow in the end Jasmine feels like she has a stronger connection with Kevin (yes that Kevin) and chooses him over Mikhel! Not only was the audience shocked, but Mikhel looked like he got hit over the head with a hammer. There is still a debate going on who cried more, Mikhel or Jasmine. With millions of Canadians already knowing that she’ll regret that choice, viewers are preparing for the After the Final Rose special. With all three showing up together once again, it will be fun to see how Jasmine and Mikhel look at each other!

Did Jasmine make a mistake by choosing Kevin? What do you think influenced her decision?

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