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The Fifth season of the Crime series The Americans premiered on March 7, 2017

S5 Started March 7, 2017

FX’s hit sexy spy series, The Americans just started its fourth season on March 16, 2016. So far in season four, Paige has struggled to accept her parents’ true identities, even if she doesn’t know that they are working for the KGB. Elizabeth and Philip are aware that Paige confessed to Pastor Tim about their workings but they have not decided what they should do about it yet.

Back in Russia, Nina is still incarcerated and has resigned to the fact that she is going to stay there after confessing to Vasili that she had passed the note. Things are looking bleak up until now for the agents.

The plot continues the storyline we have overall, where Elizabeth and Philip try to keep their actual identity a secret and battle their job versus having a real life. There has been speculation as to what will happen to some of the recurring characters as season four moves on.

As Mike Hale from the New York Times pondered, “Has there ever been a television character as hard to kill off as Pastor Tim of ‘#Americans?’” Since Paige has confided the truth as she knows it about her parents to Pastor Tim, there is a high risk that the pastor will meet his demise sometime in the fourth season. The Soviets had planned on getting rid of Pastor Tim and his wife while the Jennings family took a vacation, but it seems that the chemical weapon they were trying to smuggle out wound up infecting Gabriel and forcing the Jennings family into a quarantine. That means that twice in this season alone Pastor Tim has escaped his death, but whether he will be able to continue to dodge bullets remains to be seen.

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There is still the rest of the truth that will need to be revealed to Paige if they want to fully recruit her into joining them in the KGB. Though Gabriel has said that the idea of recruiting Paige into the KGB was a mistake, once Pastor Time is out of the way she may be more or less inclined to do spy work. Philip thinks that the death of Pastor Tim will ruin the possibility of recruiting Paige since she will be too upset with what has happened to understand the larger scope of things, even if it wasn’t her parents who did the killing directly.

It is too early to say whether #Americans will be renewed for a fifth season, but considering the popularity of the show, it would not be surprising. In talking about the third season, the FX President of Originally Programming Nick Grad said, “Remarkably, this season of @Americans has achieved even greater acclaim than that of its first two seasons. The series has cemented its status with critics as television’s best current drama and arguably the best

show on TV, and we couldn’t agree more.” The show is highly rated, but it does not have a high viewership. In the third season, each episode averaged less than a million viewers. But where it lacks day-of viewers, it does have a large DVR audience, amounting to about 4 million viewers total.

You can watch new episodes of @Americans on FX Wednesdays at 10:00 pm or on Hulu has back episodes available for streaming.

FX have officially announced what the future holds for 'The Americans', but it is a mix of good and bad news for fans of the series. It has been confirmed that the show is coming to an end in 2018, but it has also bee revealed that fans still have 2 full seasons to look forward to. As season 4 comes closer to its finale, FX have announced that the 13 episode long season 5 should be on our screens in 2017. Then, the sixth and final season - which has 10 episodes - will air in 2018 to complete the series.

UPDATED April 16, 2016

So, we don't have official confirmation about a new season of The Americans, but what we can share is that a writers' camp for season 5 is currently underway! This was revealed by writer Joel Fields on Twitter, but it is unclear whether a fifth season is a definite or if the writers are just pitching ideas to try and secure a renewal. We will update with more information as it becomes available, but for now it is looking pretty hopeful that we will see more from The Americans.

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