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Season 4 of The Americans debuted on March 16, 2016

S4 Started March 16, 2016

FX has had a lot of hits on their hands, but none quite like The Americans. The show follows the lives of two Soviet intelligence agents that pose as a regular American couple with two kids. Under the fake surface though are cold blooded killers that will do anything to carry out their orders.

Elizabeth and Philip Jennings are still human, and even with their sometimes unbelievable orders, they still have to find a way to coexist with different ideals. Because even if their marriage and love for each other are fake, their children Paige and Henry are very much real. Hot on their tails throughout the entire series is their F.B.I. neighbor Stan Beeman.

Joe Weisberg

This isn’t the first time that former CIA officer Joseph Weisberg has been called upon to offer his creative advice to a show. Shows where his creative input have been used include the series “Falling Skies” and “Damages”.

Taking on a bigger role he decided to create #Americans, and did so with tremendous success. A lot of his writing hallmarks can be seen in the series. Among TV credits he is also the author of the two novels “10th Grade” and “An Ordinary Spy”, of which the latter was nominated for the Believer Book award.

The Story So Far

With the rocky relationship of Elizabeth and Paige coming to a standstill, the two finally agree to make temporary peace so that Paige can see her grandmother in Russia for the first time. While mother and daughter were getting closer, Philip and his wife are drifting further apart.

With his feelings about his marriage still in question, he ends up at an EST meeting and run into Stan’s ex-wife. She seems very interested in him, even though for the time being, the feeling isn’t mutual. Stan is in hot water, even after helping to arrest the spy Zenaida.

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The agency feels as though his ultimate goal is still with Nina, and they refuse to play ball. His hot water with his local department puts him directly in the pocket of the F.B.I. director, who urges him to keep moving forward with his unusual tactics. On Paige’s arrival home, she shows struggles with dealing with keeping her parent’s secret. Later that night in her bedroom, she reveals to Pastor Tim that her parents are spies.

Next season

Season 4 has been confirmed for 2016, but with no specific release date. Look for it to premiere in late January, with a definite extension for a season 5 if the ratings stay solid. Considering this is the first time anyone has muttered the words that Philip and Elizabeth were spies to another American, you have to wonder where they will take it from here.

Pastor Tim has been a huge distraction to Paige, and has his own set of morals and beliefs to follow. It’s highly unlikely that he will keep this information to himself, which will only mean that he has to be silenced.

Even if it isn’t by the hands of Paige’s parents, if Pastor Tim dies then she will never be the same again. Stan has his own issues, as he and Oleg

can’t seem to get Nina off of their minds. Stan now has the ear of the Director, and Oleg is dangerously close to being sent back home for helping the enemy. If we were betting I’d say Oleg would meet Nina sooner, but only to join her in Russia by force.

Do you think that Pastor Tim will have to be killed off? Or do you think that Pastor Tim is actually on the Soviet’s payroll?

UPDATED November 12, 2015

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