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Production has begun on Season 6 of The Amazing World of Gumball! The series is set to premiere in Summer / Fall 2017

Release Date of #AWG S6: Summer / Fall 2017

The Amazing World of Gumball first premiered on Cartoon Network in 2011. The series was created by Ben Bocquelet, and it follows the story of a cartoon cat named Gumball in his hometown and middle school, as well as in a fictional alternate dimension that is refereed to as The Void.

The series centers on Gumball and his various exploits, but it also features prominently the rest of his family as well. Gumball the character has even made appearances on other Cartoon Network shows such as Uncle Grandpa. An interesting note on the characters found in #AmazingWorldGumball is that the series was created by Ben Bocquelet using characters which he had made to use in commercials, but they were rejected. He recycled these characters and added to them all together to create the bizarre setting found in the show.

#AmazingWorldGumball has won many awards since it first aired in 2011, including many for its often impressive and experimental animation. The animation is created with various techniques including puppetry, CGI, stop-motion and flash animation. All of these different styles combine to give #AWG a truly amazing and unique look and feel.

Critics, viewers and the network itself have embraced the show. It enjoys a high rating on IMDb of 8.1 out of 10 stars. Even though it is a television show meant for kids, viewers say the humor is smart enough for adults to enjoy as well. The sporadic, chaotic nature of the show’s storyline seems to be both its strength and its weakness at times. But for fans of cartoons the whole family can watch and enjoy together, #AWG has hit the mark.

The creator of the show, Ben Bocquelet, announced in early September of 2016 that he will be leaving the show after its sixth season in 2017. However, it has also been said that this doesn’t mean the show won’t still go on. There still may be more to come. With the added hint that the sixth season may not be the last season, we think it’s likely that the series will continue without the involvement of its creator in 2018.

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animation styles in the show, or do you find it distracting? Would you visit The Void if you could? How do you think this show compares to other cartoons that attempt to appeal to both kids and adults? Will there be a void in your life if this show ends after the sixth season?

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