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There will be no Second season for NBC's Action & Adventure series Taxi Brooklyn

#TaxiBrooklyn Cancelled, No Season Two :(

In the genre of cop/civilian pairings, a show like Taxi Brooklyn had not been done before. A strong female lead with a very likable partner and a plot that expanded and thickened with every episode. The series was developed from the film, “Taxi” written by Luc Besson.

What’s TB About?

Detective Caitlyn “Cat” Sullivan is a woman consumed with finding the person that killed her father. She’s always been outspoken, but her tunnelvision for solving the crime has caused conflicts with superiors on the force. Finally after a reckless driving incident, she is demoted to a cop on the beat patrol on foot. That is until Cat meets a taxi driver named Leo Romba. Hailing from Marseille, this charming French African is a skilled driver. Cat quickly realizes Leo has a big problem with immigration that could give him jail time and get him deported. She offers to help him clear it up, if he will be her driver. The show covers their relationship as their relationship evolves from a cop and a taxi driver to two trusted allies working together to solve cases. Especially solving the biggest mystery of all, the murder of Cat’s father.

What’s Going Down Next Season?

The finale for season 1 went down in September 2014 leaving several plot lines unanswered including did Cat’s ex-husband really attempt to stranger his crazy girlfriend, Giada? Did Cat mistakenly kill the wrong man in an act of revenge for the murder of her father? Meanwhile, Cat’s boyfriend is meeting with the real killer of her father revealed to be Annabelle Capella. NBC then held the show in limbo prompting Executive Producer Gary Scott Thompson to state in January that they were “running out of time” which indicated NBC was letting the contracts for the cast expire. In March 2015, NBC announced they would not be renewing the series.

There are rumors the French production company TF1 ordered 14 more episodes that are currently being filmed in France, however there is nothing to substantiate these claims through either TF1 or EuropaCorp Television where NBC licensed the show from. Neither site has updated their pages for the show. As the two main characters have moved on to other shows on rival networks, it has to be assumed that that series is no longer in active production in either the USA or France.

The finale had a viewership of over 5-million, however it wasn’t enough to entice NBC to renew the series for a season 2.

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Cast and Characters You Should Know

Chyler Leigh played Detective Caitlin Mary Darcy Sullivan,also known as Cat. Since the cancellation of #TaxiBrooklyn on NBC, she has moved on to another show, SuperGirl on rival network, CBS where she plays the adoptive sister of Supergirl. The new series will premier on October 25, 2015.

Jacky Ido who played Leo the taxi driver, has gone on to rival network ABC with a supporting part in the new series The Catch. Ido plays an FBI agent named Thomas Delgado. This new series will premier with the new Fall 2015 season.

You Can Still Enjoy the First Season of #TB

During production, NBC had full episodes on the page for the series, however those have been removed since the cancellation went down. There are several clips available on the

official page at NBC.

The series has not made the transition to Amazon’s streaming service or No Blu-ray or other venues are currently available and there appear to be no current plans to release the series in those formats. However there is a 4-disc DVD set of the entire first season available from Amazon available here: Previously, there was a YouTube Channel for TaxiBrooklyn, but all the full episode videos are now removed.

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9 months 17 days ago

I watched this show on Netflix and there should a season 2 total cliffhanger ither was more advertising on show more would watch

kristinia brooks
kristinia brooks
8 months 5 days ago

i loved the show but hate yall end it the way u did i would love to see a season 2

7 months 2 days ago

I definitely think there should be a season 2 I’ll Taxi Brooklyn lot of action great TV show I watch the Netflix I thought there was another episode was shocked to see that it was left there especially when the show is getting really good with action and suspense.

6 months 18 days ago

I love taxi Brooklyn. How leave ppl hang like that. I want know leo son and ex wife ok . Leo best friend know Gregg got shot too. And cat mom on boat taxi. Love this show a lot

4 months 22 days ago

Netflix should pick it up I’m watching the last few episodes back to back like a fat kid at a buffet waiting on season 2 to come on and boom nothing !that’s cold. Ronnie stab , nico and mom kidnap , Greg shot with a dead body at home waiting on him, cat frame by a childhood friend and her mother’s on a ferry that blew up….but no sequel NBC is wrong !

TS Grant
TS Grant
19 days 20 hours ago

OMG…I can’t BELIEVE you cancelled this show😤😤😤 RELEASE SEASON 2 ASAP!!!