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Season 1 of Tangled: The Series debuted on March 24, 2017

S1 Started March 24, 2017

Planning on a 2017 premiere, Tangled: Before Ever After will be Disney Channel’s third series based off of a Disney movie featuring a princess. Tangled was a hit 2010 animated film based off of the Rapunzel fairy tale. The series will focus on the time span between where the movie ended and where its short sequel Tangled Ever After began. Bringing back the same cast who voiced the film, Mandy Moore voices Rapunzel and Zachary Levi voices Flynn Rider. The all star crew includes Shane Prigmore and Chris Sonnenburg who come together as executive producers. #TangledBeforeEverAfter will pack in adventure, laughter, and good life lessons into each episode. The show is expected to be a hit as successful production companies Disney Television Animation and Mercury Filmworks come together to create a new fan-favourite.

What will the show be about? 

After Rapunzel escaped her tower, embarked on an adventure with Flynn Rider and met her parents, she was in for a world of experiences outside of what she had previously seen. Taking place before her wedding with Flynn, the show features the pair as they embark on exploring the kingdom. After being trapped in the tower so long, Rapunzel inevitably became a free spirit because finally, she had the freedom to do so. Her father struggles with accepting her independence, but the show follows him as he begins to understand it. It is important to Rapunzel to experience the world around her before her coronation and impending wedding. She also wants to get to know the people of the Kingdom so she can be the best leader possible. It will be a fun adventure series for children who like an action packed show, with characters that they already know and love.

Will the show be good for children? 

Featuring a strong female lead who is willing to step outside of what is expected of her, combined with a male partner who supports her escapades, the characters are positive role models for children. Rapunzel doesn’t follow the typical princess stereotype, and shows that female roles can go on adventures and make decisions for themselves. It also teaches children how to be a good leader, as Rapunzel recognizes the importance of knowing the people she is going to lead in order to provide them with the best service she can. Overall, it will provide children with a good experience.

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Who’s behind the Tangled TV series? 

With a strong behind the scenes crew, the series is shaping up nicely. Executive producers Shane Prigmore and Chris Sonnenburg have a good history of films under their belt. Prigmore produced The Lego Movie, and Sonnenburg produced Enchanted, giving them experience in both action and princess storylines, just like the series features. The music will be composed by Academy Award winning Alan Menken, so the music will be an asset to the series. Together, the cast is a strong team bound to make successes.

What are Mandy Moore’s thoughts on voicing Rapunzel? 

Moore’s career as a singer emerged in 1999 when she released Candy, her debut single. It quickly hit Billboard’s top 100 list and launched her into the spotlight. She spent a good portion of the next decade growing in popularity and skill while gradually adding acting to her repertoire of talents. Rapunzel was the first animated movie she participated in, and has since gone on to voice the character in the sequel and in videogames featuring her.

She is excited to be a part of the animated series, particularly looking forward to the singing portions as the composer and lyricist are so highly acclaimed. Moore and co-star Zachary Levi had a hit song from the original movie, “I See the Light.” They’re looking forward to working together in the series as they had a great rapport during production of the film. They expect the project to be a fun and successful experience.

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