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‘Taboo’ Inches Closer To Its Opening Date


Looking for something a little different? Are you a fan of Tom Hardy? Well then Taboo was made specifically for your viewing pleasure, and the eight episode drama is heading to FX on January 10th. It’s been a long wait in the development cycle since the series was first mentioned way back on November 2015.

James Keziah Delaney is an adventurer in the 1800’s that has been all around the world. But this last trip has changed him, as he now shows an ambition unlike any other. With many thinking that he was dead and gone, Delaney returns to London to take over his father’s shipping empire and make a name for himself. This task will prove to be a bit hard for the undertaking, with enemies and jealous rebels lurking everywhere. Delaney will have to choose whether he wants to continue chasing his ambition or give up before things get too hard to handle.

Hardy is a huge star, which is why FX doesn’t really have to sell the series. He has been in Peaky Blinders, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Revenant and more. He is one of the creators of the series and will be onboard as the executive producer. This is very much his baby from the ground up, with some good help from his father Chips and costar Steven Knight.

So what other series compares to Taboo? Maybe Mr. Selfridge, but the tone of Taboo is so much darker. Even the promotional poster that was released shows a series that will take no prisoners when it airs. When Taboo finally makes its debut, FX may be looking at one of the best new series of the year.

How successful will Hardy be in this new series? Who else would you like to see in starring roles when it comes out?

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