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Swedish Show ‘Bonus Family’ Gets A US Adaptation


Before Bonusfamiljen can even air in Sweden, their production company FLX is keen on making a US adaptation for NBC. Usually it is ABC that would snatch up a deal this good, but NBC has a good standing with companies in the area. They have already aired Welcome To Sweden for two seasons, and that may have been the deciding factor with them getting first dibs on this adaptation.

David Walpert is in on the deal, and is better known as being the creative force behind House of Lies. He executive produced the series for years and will have no trouble taking this project on. He will also serve as the writer and showrunner, so this is basically his show in the US.

Bonus Family is about Lisa And Patrick and their exes Martin and Katya. In a true twist, the series will follow all four of these people while they handle modern issues like co-parenting, learning to let go of love, cheating, and even finding love. The trailer for the original series looks great, and is available online. Yet it won’t represent what Walpert is creating in the slightest, as there is no doubt NBC is looking at making a copy of Modern Family. They may just get away with it, as the show seems to be more focus on the building of new relationships rather than throwing viewers directly into a family of chaos. So similar show, but vastly different viewpoints.

Bonus Family may very well be a surprise hit for NBC when it airs next year, and may even see a summer release. Whatever date they decide on, it’s important to remember that there are many, many more family comedies on television than there was last year.

Is Bonus Family a different version of Modern Family? How will the show be received?

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