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Survivor’s Remorse: What to Expect from Season 3


Starz comedy Survivor’s Remorse will be back on television and on July 24 for its third season. After premiering on 2014, the second season concluded in October of 2015 and the limited pool of fans surrounding the series have been anticipating its return to their television screens. Following the story of Cam Calloway, a basketball player who moves to Atlanta after signing a pro contract, the series plays Saturday nights at 9:30pm. The series has gained notable attention since it premiered, and has been the recipient of several awards and nominations. Mixing ample comedy with the notion that there is a certain level of guilt and “Survivor’s Remorse” for having succeeded, it makes for a one of a kind series about basketball and that success comes with its own set of issues.


How are people reacting to Survivor’s Remorse?

The series has been receiving mixed reviews since its inception, some viewers were disappointed that while it was advertised as a comedy, it has a balance of drama. For those expecting that the series would solely be a comedy, this was not pleasing, but for those who were open to the series, they find the combination to be a good balance. Many viewers have commented on how it is interesting that it highlights what it is like for the family members of sport stars and celebrities, and how their worlds can be turned upside down for the ones they love. Regardless of the storyline, it is something that many people are able to relate to, and many viewers enjoy the series for this concept. That aside, the cast has done a great job of bringing the series to a great production.


What are the ratings like for the second season of Survivor’s Remorse?

After the first season came in with low ratings, averaging around 0.2 million viewers, fans were glad, but surprised to see it hit television again in 2015, and gain momentum to boot during that season. It started off the second season in 2015 with 0.334 million viewers, and actually gained audience members as the season progressed more or less, with a high of 0.393 viewers and ending just below the opening with 0.324 million viewers. At this rate, the third season may come back with even more viewers.


Is this a good series for families to watch together?

It really depends on how open families are with sexual innuendos and inappropriate language, because the series has its fair share of it. If that can be looked past, there are some relatable concepts on the series and it offers a look into the struggles that families of different races, different backgrounds, and different levels of being a celebrity. That aside, the content isn’t the most interesting for youngsters, and would probably be more interesting for older teens or anyone who enjoys playing or watching basketball.


What are some of the awards that the series has received?

The series has been most notable in the awards world for its cast and has been awarded accordingly for them. In 2016, Mike Epps of the series won an Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, while Tichina Arnold was nominated for the same award as a Supporting Actress. It also won a Young Artist Award for Christian Hutcherson’s performance as a guest star. In 2015, it won an African-American Film Critics Association Award for Best Cable/New Media TV Show.


Are there any similar series that fans of Survivor’s Remorse enjoy also?

Viewers of Survivor’s Remorse also enjoy watching Black-ish, Ballers and The Carmichael Show, to name a few.

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