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Survivorman Season 9? Fate still up in the air

Release Date of #Survivorman S9: To be announced

Surviving For Two This Season!

Les Stroud is the Survivorman, being the creator, writer, director, and star of this hit series, now into its eighth season. The Canadian filmmaker tests himself, to see if he has what it takes to survive for 10 days in the wild, with very little supplies brought in to help him with the task.

Before choosing a location, Stroud and his team of experts and locals, check out the area thoroughly, and plan out everything before he ventures out on his own with his cameras. His solo adventures have actually helped some viewers who found themselves stranded survive long enough to be rescued. He manages to find enough water, nourishment, and safe physical rest to keep his psychology in tact, a feat that is not lightly taken.

Being alone for long periods of time, and in some cases totally cut-off from outside communication, can take its toll. There have been instances when his emergency phone did not work, and he wasn’t even sure if his crew, who are always nearby and monitoring, were doing well or not.

Season 8 premiered on June 19, 2016, and earned a demo rating of 0.08 with 0.28 million viewers watching. This is a special season, titled @Survivorman & Son, wherein Les and his teenage son Logan learn how to survive together.

In 2015, Les survived a massive car wreck after his rover rolled off the road in Mongolia; his son was witness to the accident. Logan survived for six months in a hospital after he was diagnosed with leukemia a short year-and-a-half before. Les considers this meaningful season extremely impactful and a great opportunity for he and his son to bond. In an interview with Fox News, Les said, “I’m out here doing what I’m really good at, but I have my son with me, which creates a whole other level of stress, and on top of it I am then rewarded with the fact that this is my son in full survival mode in all definitions of that phrase. And so it became a very meaningful experience to be out there with him.”

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In the first episode, “Tofino,” the pair are stranded with no supplies while kayaking the seas off the coast of British Columbia. This is the ultimate test for Les, as he quickly discovers that his son is not a natural-born survivor. The second episode, “Wabakimi,” shows the father and son stuck without a way home after a fishing trip goes awry. Later in the season, they head into the jungles of Ecuador.

There haven’t been any official announcements about the future of #Survivorman, and it really is all up to Les as to whether he wants to keep filming or not.

#Survivorman airs Sunday nights at 10pm on the Science Channel. Past seasons of the show are also available on Amazon and Hulu.

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