‘Supernatural’ And Rick Springfield?


The idea of Rick Springfield playing Lucifer is so absurd that it actually works. The rocker is no stranger to the acting world, and is one of the most accomplished actor-musicians in all of history. Some of his best roles were on ‘True Detective’, ‘General Hospital’, ‘Californication’ and ‘High Tide’. He has also appeared in several movies, with the most notable of them being ‘Boogie Nights’. Season 12 of Supernatural will have him playing Lucifer in the first few episodes of the season, a role that is sure to be one of the highlights of the long running show.

This won’t be the first time the devil himself has had an impact on the series, as last season there was a storyline with him taking over the body of Castiel. With the introduction of Lucifer in the flesh for the first time in season 12, there will be a really big power struggle.

But the most notable part about this hiring is the actual person Springfield is playing: a washed up rock and roll artists named Vince Vincete. That name has got to be the most ridiculous name in all of television, and sounds like it came out of the 70’s. It is a very tongue in cheek name, and one that should get haters off of the back of Vin Diesel and his made up name.

Name comedy aside, Springfield was the perfect choice for the part, and is quite imposing at 6’1. This won’t be the last signing by the producers before the show starts the new season on October 13th, yet this is going to be the most significant one. Prepare for social media to light up with Lucifer takes another host later in the season!

Is Springfield the best musician turned actor in history? Who would you have picked for the role of Lucifer?

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