‘Supergirl’ Hires Chris Wood


Fans love surprises, especially when it comes in the form of veteran actors that can boost a series. Chris Wood is now a regular on Supergirl, but his role on the show is top secret. So he could either make his appearance as a good guy or a bad guy. The only clue is that he will play a DC comics character, which at this point could be hundreds. The show is looking to take full advantage of the move to The CW, and has been casting roles like crazy-just not in the bad, makes no sense ‘Code Black’ way.

Chris Wood is a versatile actor that has played just about every role imaginable. He is young, and in his short career he has seen the likes of ‘Containment’, ‘The Vampire Diaries’, ‘The Carrie Diaries’ and ‘Girls’. He was a particularly interesting villain in The Vampire Diaries as Kai Parker. Providing a good changeup in the series, the 16 episodes that Parker showed up in are some of the best in recent months. If he can bring that same type of energy to Supergirl, then the show will get one of its best characters in a while.

So who could he play? Vampire Diaries has shown that he is a willing and capable actor to play the role of the villain. But there is also the chance he will end up being a love interest, something that the show needs less of. Supergirl getting wrapped up in a triad of love would really slow the series down to a halt, and stop all of the positive progress the show has made. Chris Wood will be a great addition, and here’s to hoping that they use him correctly.

Do you think they will make Chris Wood a love interest for Supergirl? Or will he be a supervillain?

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