‘Supergirl’ Gets Reunited With Her Cousin


While moving Supergirl to a new location and network, the production team has also made it a point to start casting for the role of Superman! That’s right, he is coming to Supergirl and will be starring in the first 2 episodes of the new season. This is a semi-surprise, as fans didn’t expect to see him anytime soon since they didn’t want to jeopardize the Supergirl name. In order to bring such a big name character onto the show, they had to establish Supergirl in her own right. Up to this point they have done the character proud, so it should be safe to bring on the popular character without endangering the title character.

Up to this point Superman was only shown with his face covered, in dream sequences or in smaller roles. This gave the creators a chance to cast the actor they wanted when the time was right. You can count former Superman star Dean Cain out of the running since he plays Jeremiah Danvers. This may have the creators look to make a tie in with actors who played the movie versions of Superman, like Brandon Routh or Henry Cavill. Cavill is the current Superman and is starring in several DC movies while playing the character.

This could open up a really rare opportunity for the creators to start a Supergirl movie franchise by tying it in with the current crossover of the movie Superman. There have been multiple Superman reboots, but there have been no major Supergirl movie series in the entirety of the characters existence. If they opt to really take advantage of the popularity of the show now, then Supergirl could very well be part of the current crop of superhero movies.

Do you want to see a Supergirl movie? Who do you think should be cast as Superman?

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