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Strong Season 2? Fate still up in the air

Release Date of #Strong S2: To be announced

Strong is an American competition reality series that premiered its first episode on Thursday April 13, 2016 at 8pm on NBC. Hosted by professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reese, the first season was comprised of ten episodes, with the final episode airing on June 2, 2016. In the vein of The Biggest Loser, @Strong features ten men and ten women who wish to improve their physical fitness, by losing weight and balancing both their bodies and their minds. They are each paired with a trainer, specializing in strengthening and conditioning, who will work with them to help them reach their fitness goals and desired potential. They will train and compete in various physical as well as mental challenges, ranging anywhere from martial arts, boxing, and various strength and endurance training techniques. With world famous action star Sylvester Stallone on board as executive producer, we are sure to see some gruelling feats of strength, as the contestants are pushed by both themselves and their trainer to succeed. The ultimate winner will be the individual who sets their goals, and meets or surpasses them, to pull ahead of the pack winning the cash prize and proving that they are both physically and mentally @Strong.

In the final episode, of the ten episode first season, host Gabrielle Reese presents that the field of twenty original contestants has been whittled down to only two competitors. Having survived the mental and physical challenges that were thrown at them each week, the remaining challengers are more than a little haggard at this point. Having to endure three rigorous, back breaking challenges, each team is more than pushed to their final and ultimate limit. With only one team being able to come out on the other side, the suspense is palpable. Realizing that they each are all that stands between them and the winner’s prize of cash of up to $500,000, the final contestants give all they have left, and then some, to be crowned as being truly #Strong.

There seems to be quite a few of the physical transformation formats of series offered this day in age. Some are weight related, some are geared more towards toning the physique, but either way, it seems that they strike a basic cord with the viewing audience. With world famous actor Sylvester Stallone listed as being on board as an executive producer, you can rest assured that from week to week the challenges put to the teams will not be easy or for the faint of heart. It is almost assured that the contestants will be in for more than they probably realized, and will end up pushing themselves further than they ever thought they could be pushed before.

#Strong is showing on the IMDB page with a rating of 7.2 out of 10 which only helps to strengthen the idea that the television viewership is more than interested in this type of series. The reviews by the viewers are also showing as favorable for the series as the IMDB ratings do. Some viewers liken it to the show Biggest Loser where you root for your favorite in the hopes that they will go the distance. Others note that there is a social resemblance to Survivor where as each week passes, you begin to notice that alliances are formed, and agreements are made, in an attempt of the contestants advancing to the next step or challenge. This may very well be what sparks an interest in the viewers, the subconscious resemblance of this series to previous well accepted, well-love series of the past.

Strong is currently showing as not having been renewed for a second season as of this writing, with the series being listed as on hiatus and its fate to be determined. Although the first season did seem to resonate with the viewership, again based on reviews and the IMDB site ratings, it is wise to keep in mind that the television landscape is riddled with many other, very similar type viewing fare. Strong will have to have something to really make it stand out from the pack, in order to gain the trust and loyalty of the viewing public. And, that may be the very thing that determines is return, or its demise. Time will tell.

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If you missed the first ten episode season of Strong, you can find it over at

What are your impressions of the series? Is it unique in its own

right, or just another rehashing of a multitude of series than preceded it? And do you think that Gabrielle Reese and Sylvester Stallone being attached to the series will help or hinder its chance of renewal?

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1 year 6 months ago

I truly hope there will be a second season or more of STRONG. It gave me so much hope to push myself and believe I can do whatever I set my mind to. I’d love to be a contestant myself. Please bring back another season.

1 year 5 months ago

love the show can’t wait for new season

6 months 2 days ago

Great show, hope there will be more seasons!