‘Street Science’ Is All About The Action


Street Science looks like it has the potential to be the next big thing in reality television. Crazy experiments will be coming to The Science Channel thanks to this new show, and it is anything but normal. Street Science adds a twist on the usual science experiments and makes it both entertaining and informative.

The show will star Kevin Delaney, a renowned science guy from within the community. He works at the Museum of Discovery and is responsible for the Science After Dark program. Upcoming experiments for the new show include a homemade fire tornado and making instant nitrogen clouds. Catching all of this beautiful science action on camera will be Darren Dyk. Street Science will take advantage of slow motion technology to show a lot of the action that’s missed by the human eye. This will act as the bread and butter of the show and make for some really cool online clips if they want to play the social media game.

Delaney has already made some appearances on mainstream television shows like The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, so he is very camera friendly. With the premiere set for January 11th there is a lot of hope that he could become the next Bill Nye, and beyond. They have already released a promotional trailer for the show that covers a lot of the crazy experiments that will take place in the first season. With the Mythbusters spinoff gaining a lot of momentum, Street Science could be a great alternative program to all of the science madness. Viewers that are interested in learning more about Delaney should check out the many YouTube clips he has up. It will give good insight into what is expected of him when the show comes around.

What do you think of the idea behind Street Science? Will Delaney be a good host?

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