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Season 5 of Steven Universe is announced, but no date has been confirmed yet

#StevenUniverse S5 is confirmed, Release Date: To be scheduled

This Female Fantasy is Far-Out!

Rebecca Sugar is on fire, having been one of the talented creative forces behind Adventure Time, she is now in the history books as the first woman to be a showrunner for a hit series on Cartoon Network. There are only two male characters in the cartoon, Steven and his father, Greg, and that is no mistake. This may be a feminine world, but it is not soft when it comes to battle.

Her show, Steven Universe, is the adorable and fantastical tale of a boy and his Gem friends, Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl. Steven is only part-Gem, but he bands together with his magical friends to save the world from rogue Gems from their homeland who are hellbent on destroying the planet.

In the first three seasons, the backstory of the Gems is slowly revealed, and viewers came to learn that they are the last of their peaceful kind. The epic tale of Steven’s mother, Rose Quartz, and how she came to lead the rebel Gems in a fight against genocide, all unfolds while other Gems, Lapis Lazuli and Peridot, join the good side to continue the fight. Season 4 continues to introduce new Gems and unveil more of the backstory through Greg’s storytelling.

On top of the amazing artwork and killer voice acting, the show features some amazing original songs composed by the storyboard artists themselves. Sugar and her team get together and lyricize each of the songs, then collaborate with amazing musicians to bring them to life.

The score is also very unique for a cartoon, with each of the characters having their own leitmotif, or a theme and tone which is unique to them, announcing their presence on the scene. Garnet gets the synth bass, Pearl gets piano, and Amethyst gets the drum machine.

Viewership is Stellar!

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Last season, the premiere had 1.69 million viewers tuned in, and the finale wasn’t far behind that level, with 1.57 million watching. The first two seasons had even higher viewership, which might make this current season seem like a bit of a drop, but at least the rating remained high. Season 4 premiered on August 11, 2016, and earned a spot in the top 10 for cable original series with a 0.34 demo rating and 1.32 million viewers.

That is an amazing start in ratings for this outstanding show, and since Cartoon Network already announced in March of 2016, that the show would be renewed through the fifth season, fans can commence rejoicing! Cartoon Network has not yet announced the official premier date for season 5, so make sure you subscribe with us to get notified as soon as they do!

Where You Can Watch!

#StevenUniverse airs Thursday nights at 7pm ET on the Cartoon Network. Fans can also catch streaming episodes on Hulu and purchase episodes for download on the iTunes Store.

Do you adore Steven and his Gem friends? Have you binge-watched the first three seasons or have you been watching the

show weekly since the beginning? Will Steven ever learn exactly what his role is in this universe?

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