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Sky has yet to announce the fate of Stella Season 6

Release Date of #Stella S6: To be announced

Created by David Peet and Ruth Jones, Stella is a British comedy-drama series broadcast by the Sky1 network. Considered to be one of the flagship series for the network, Ruth Jones also stars as the lead character in the show. The series made it’s debut on January 6, 2012. So far #Stella has had a run of five seasons, bringing fans 50 episodes, including a Christmas special which aired on Dec 22, 2014.

Set in the South Wales Valleys, in the fictional village of Pontyberry, the series allows us to peek in on the life of #Stella, a single mother somewhere in her forties, doing her best to earn a living, keep up with her life, and raise her three children. @Stella makes her living through simple work, doing laundry and ironing for the locals of Pontyberry. For the most part, @Stella handles her life well and makes her way through the sometimes chaotic twists and turns that she encounters along the way. The series begins with her eldest son, Luke, in prison for stealing cars. The middle child is her sixteen year old daughter, Emma, who is experiencing her first love with boyfriend Sunil. Stella’s third and youngest child, so far, is 12 year old Ben, smart and wise for his age, who might be described as the brains of the family. The clan also keep a dog by the name of Banjo.

Aside from the core characters of Stella and her family, there’s an interesting and sometimes strange group of close relatives, friends and acquaintances that sometimes help out, but more often lend just a bit more chaos to Stella’s life. Her best friend is her sister-in-law Paula, who is what we might call a functioning alcoholic, who works as a funeral director. Also appearing is Stella’s ex-husband Karl who is often seen with his new girlfriend, 28 year old Nadine. Then there is Alan, who’s been pining for Stella since 1984 when they were in school together. Alan serves as the local rugby coach and lollipop man (a british term for what Americans would refer to as a crossing guard). Stella’s brother Dai is an ex-military man who no longer works because of an injury during his service, and perhaps he’s just a little bit too open about his overactive sex life with Paula. A small presence, but a favorite running joke throughout the series, is the character of Daddy. Daddy appears from time to time speaking in a language that somehow only the locals of Pontyberry can understand. The audience is never quite informed on what exactly the language is, or where it might come from. We only know that somehow the locals manage to understand what nobody else can.

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The fifth, and latest, season of Stella had its premiere on January 12, 2016 and is scheduled to run through March 15. There has been no official announcement about a sixth season yet. Sky has not said anything about renewing or cancelling the series. The show’s reps seem to be purposefully avoiding questions about the fate of the show on social media sites as well. Through the first four seasons, the Sky network was very quick to renew this show for extra seasons, often renewing for a coming season before the current season had ended. This changed, however with season five. Season 5 was not announced until after the conclusion of season four. Although this makes it slightly more difficult to predict what will happen, it seems fairly

likely that Sky will renew and continue the series. The show has done well for them and proven to be quite popular. There is plenty of talk from fans on social media who have obviously fallen in love with characters and have all kinds of suggestions and wishes for what they’d like to see happen next. Now it’s up to Sky and Ms Jones to decide if they want to make those wishes come true.

British comedy-drama Stella has already completed a Christmas special script which will be aired on its home network Sky1. Creator Ruth Jones shared the front of the script on her Facebook and made fans around the world squeal with glee!

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