‘Star Trek Discovery’ Adds Michelle Yeoh


Star Trek Discovery is still reeling from the loss of Bryan Fuller, with his unexpected departure leading to a lot of changes in the production. With one of the major producers and showrunners stepping down, the team needed to find some good news to get Trekkie’s excited. Michelle Yeoh has been added to the cast, and is the first official cast member of the show! The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon actress will be a main cast member but her actual role is unknown. Showrunner Nicholas Meyer is keeping the news of her actual role under wraps, with about the only information about it being that they are referring to her as Number One. Does this mean she will be the captain?

There has been a lot of disruptions to the production, but so far the official release date of May 2017 has been solid. Whether that will change or not will depend heavily on how fast the fill in the rest of the cast. The casting of Yeoh could point to the new Star Trek having more in line with the action packed movies than the traditional television Star Treks. She is one of the best female action stars of all time and could very well change the entire scope of the series.

So what will the rest of the cast look like? It would be a shame to waste the talents of Yeoh on a role that is strictly dramatic and doesn’t take advantage of her superior physicality. If they end up surrounding her with the usual cast of characters, then there will definitely be a lost opportunity leading up to the opening of the series.

What type of actors and actresses should they cast to work beside Yeoh? Do you think she will take the main role as the captain?

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