‘Stan Against Evil’ Is A Surprise Hit


IFC just landed a show that is one of its best, yet also one of its most controversial. Stan Against Evil jumped out of its November 2nd premiere so fast that it became the networks highest original series premiere in recent memory. Halloween was also a big helper, since the horror themed comedy show fed into the masses entertainment needs.

The show is about a police sheriff that is forced into an alliance with new sheriff Evie Barret. With the incoming threat of demons, zombies and other baddies in their New Hampshire town, they have no choice but to do all they can to wipe them out. The most recognizable face in the cast is of course John C. McGinley as Stanley Miller. He spent years playing Dr. Cox on Scrubs, and was one of the more favored characters in the series. Stan Against Evil blends a lot of comedy and horror well into one, and is a really exciting show from start to finish.

Now where the controversy comes in is with the characters, content, writing and even premise- so basically the entire show. There is this little gem of a show in the same genre called Ash vs. The Evil Dead that is admired by millions of fans around the world. The similarities between the two series are so earth shatteringly close that it is hard to dismiss the anger of the fans that think this new show is a rip-off.

It’s unlikely that they will be sued, and if the Ash vs. The Evil Dead fans could get over their bias, they would be able to enjoy a very polished show. With the current ratings, it’s not going anywhere, so prepare for a bit of a mini-war!

Do you think the show is a complete rip off? Which of the two shows is better?

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