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Discovery Channel's Documentary series will not be renewed for a Second season

#SonsWinter Cancelled, No Season Two :(

Sons of Winter is a reality series airing on Discovery Channel. The series first aired in April 2015 and has seen one season so far. The series follows a family living off of the grid in Saskatchewan. The series has yet to be renewed for a second season.

What It’s About

The series details a rite of passage for two brothers. They have grown up living the subsistence life and are ready to break out on their own. They leave their parents and younger brother to move into their own cabin far away from the family’s where they will set and manage their fur traps. The family lives on the money made from fur trapping for all of their supplies. The brothers’ success will prove that they are able to support themselves and families of their own.

Where We Left Off

Dale and Shane are close to the end of their 90 days on their own. Their father has second thoughts about calling the boys back home early. The health troubles of a family member force the brothers to choose between proving themselves and being there for their family.

What’s Next

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There has been no announcement yet about a renewal for the series. The first season finished up in June so an announcement could be made any time now. It is likely that the network is assessing whether the series did well enough to be viable for a second season. The series has a lot of competition on a network that is always bringing out new shows. It will probably take some time for the network to decide on whether to bring the series back or turn their attention to a new series.

Since it is a reality series there is no way of telling what could be happening next, should the show return. The subject will have to shift for the second season since the original goal has basically been accomplished. The second season will have to build on the original premise of the brothers breaking out on their own. The series will have to go somewhere new since the boys have proven they can handle themselves in the wild. A second season will likely see them in the same position as before, but with some more experience under their belts. This could be a hindrance and could keep the series from returning as it might be too repetitive for another season to work out well. Should the series return it will likely air around the same time as the previous season did so that the same time period for filming may be used as was used in the first season. We will have to wait on an announcement from the network to find out what the fate of the series will be and when we can expect to see the series returning should it get renewed for a second season. Check back with us to stay up to date on the latest news.

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Judith Osteen
Judith Osteen
1 year 1 day ago

Love this show hope it comes back on for another season