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Cartoon Network has yet to officially confirm the fate of Sonic Boom Season 3

Release Date of #SonicBoom S3: To be announced

Things That Make You Go BOOM!

Sonic Boom spins back onto small screens for the second season! This comedy cartoon based on the famed Sega video game characters is a fairly new joint-venture production between Cartoon Network in the US and Gulli/CanalJ in France. #SonicBoom is the first of this franchise to be created in stunning high-def CGI.

Cartoon Network also airs the series in Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and parts of Africa in both English and Arabic. For the UK and Ireland, the cartoon runs on Boomerang (which is also now a network available in the US, although Cartoon Network remains the primary airing for the US). In Canada, SB airs on Family Chrgd.

In this cartoon, the speed-demon hedgehog, Sonic, his adorable and eager helper, Tails, along with their super-pals Knuckles, Sticks, and Amy Rose, all set out to do whatever it takes to fight the evil Dr. Eggman and his numerous robot henchmen creations.

The heros battle, and usually win, only to fight again the next day. Bygone Island is the classic home to these cartoon creatures, and they must defend their village from the constant attacks while having fun and finding adventure along the way.

The dialog between the characters is witty and light-hearted, perfect for the pre-tweens in the family, yet also good enough to hold the attention of the older die-hard gamer fans. The biggest shock to some fans is the addition of a new character named Sticks the Jungle Badger, who is not represented in the game. Sticks acts kinda kooky due to spending years and years all by himself in the wild world of nature, so once Sonic and pals bump into him, he has to learn how to socialize once again.

Old-Fans and New-Fans Give Mixed Reviews.

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IMDb voters rank the cartoon at 6.4 out of 10 with close to 700 votes cast. Viewers who comment are really rough on this show with most of them mentioning that it under-preformed and was a disappointment from the start. Some are surprised it was renewed, while others are directly calling for its cancelation. The haters say the laughs are not funny, the characters are weird, and the voice acting is horrendous.

Last season, this was the top-rated show for its time-slot on Cartoon Network, which is why it was renewed for this current second season. Season 2 premiered on Cartoon Network in the US on October 29, 2016, and earned a demo rating of 0.21 with 0.57 million viewers watching. Whether or not it can maintain that top status is a question still up in the air. Neither Cartoon Network nor France’s OuĂ­DO! have made any official announcements about a cancellation or a third season renewal yet.

Where to Catch Sonic.

As of May 2016, #SB is available for streaming on Hulu in the US, and is also still airing worldwide on Cartoon Network (Saturday mornings at 6am ET), Gulli/CanalJ, Boomerang, or Family Chrgd. Season 2 (just like the first season) will have 52 episodes which are each 11-minutes in length.

Are you an OG Sonic fan who loves this new cartoon? Did you prefer the

previous versions of the Sonic franchise? What do you think about the new high-definition CGI animation style?

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Please make official the season 3 of Sonic Boom, this show is awesome !