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‘Somewhere Between’ Is Coming To ABC


If you’re looking for something different to watch on television, then the new show Somewhere Between will pique your interest. ABC has ordered ten episodes of the thriller and it will be produced by Thunderbird Entertainment and written by Stephen Tolkin. The show will be based on a successful Korean format and is about Laura Price, a mother that is convinced her daughter is in danger.

Her belief that Serena will be murdered is so real to her that she can see it happening repeatedly, to the point where she does everything to stop it from happening. But no matter what, the fate of her daughter remains unchanged, almost as if death is following her. There is a very slick Final Destination feel to this show with a lot of room for some creative writing. Joseph Broido and Ivan Fecan will produce with an expected air date sometime in 2017.

This isn’t the first time Korean formats have made their way to US television, and has gained some traction. Both The Good Doctor and Exhibit A use Korean formats, and do so quite well. Korean television is some of the most compelling you can watch, and their dramas/soaps are second to none. A lot of people watch them subtitled, and there is a small cult following in the US for this type of television. There is no telling how seriously networks will take it just yet, since the reboot craze is still going full force.

Somewhere Between promises to be thrilling from the first episode onwards, and is backed by some pretty good names. If they can attach a star or two then this could turn into the biggest Korean format show in the US.

Will Somewhere Between be faithful to the Korean format? What is your favorite project from Tolkin?

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