‘Something to Celebrate’ Is Coming To CBS


Elizabeth Banks is an actress, director and producer that keeps busy on projects. Her latest is a family comedy sitcom on CBS called Something To Celebrate, and it is already in development. Family sitcoms are on the rise thanks to success stories like The Goldbergs, so can a new show from Banks be a competitor?

  1. Vera Santamaria will be writing the show, pulling material from an original series that was created for Antena 3 and Secuoya Distribution. Along with Banks she will also be an executive producer with Max Handelman, with Warner Bros. being the main studio on the project.
  2. Something To Celebrate is about four siblings working at a family bakery together. They love one another, and they also get on each other’s nerves. Each character will have their own little quirks that make them unique with adventures seeing them fall in love, struggle at work and help out their family.
  3. The series will be in good hands since Santamaria has worked on BoJack Horseman and Community. Those two shows couldn’t be further apart in content, and shows just how much range she has as a writer.
  4. Banks and her husband Handelman have something to celebrate since this is their first major network sale as a team. With all of their success with Pitch Perfect, this was a natural transition.

Something to Celebrate has some serious firepower behind it, now it just needs some actors to fill in the roles. If fans are lucky then Banks will pluck some of the Pitch Perfect cast to be recurring characters in the show. With Pitch Perfect 3 coming up in the near future, there will no doubt be a lot of interesting cast choices to make from a ready-made roster.

Who should star in the series? Will there be Pitch Perfect influences on the show?

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