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CBC has renewed its critically acclaimed Arts series Snapshots for a Second season

#Snapshots S2 is confirmed, Release Date: To be scheduled

These Kids Can Really Point and Shoot!

Kids can learn how to do anything, being the little sponges they are, and CBC aims to help kids’ natural eye for amazing photography flourish. Snapshots is a brand new series, allowing kids to prove their snapping skills over the course of six episodes with fresh challenges and photography pros there to guide them. Although the show is geared towards kids, parents and adults can stand to learn a thing or two from the techniques displayed on the show. The show debuted on September 10, 2016, and did so well across all six episodes that CBC has already renewed the series for a second season!

These aren’t mobile cameras and selfies folks, these are professional quality, high-tech digital camera rigs these kids are wielding. Each episode features three kids who compete to win, presenting their best shot to experts in the field who judge each snapshot and choose a winner for that challenge. Host Dalmar Abuzeid is there each week to guide the budding photogs through each competition, keeping them focused on the task at hand and the prize at the end.

The expert judges are Chris Frampton (celebrity and portrait photographer), Kerry Shaw (award-winning artistic photographer and illustrator), Erin Elder (leader in Canada’s photo industry), Katherine Holland (storytelling portrait and lifestyle photographer), Matt Barnes (musician and athlete photography), Peter Power (travel photography), Kendra Brown (OWL magazine editor), KC Armstrong (sports photography), Sam Javanrouh (famous photo-blogger), and Ana Belic (portraits and people, founder of GTA Photography Classes and Camps).

The kids who compete in each challenge are learning specific industry skills while discovering their own talent for artistic and interesting shots. Here’s what season 1 helped kids learn:

Episode 1 – Sports (speedy soccer players in action)

Episode 2 – Water in motion (water park action)

Episode 3 – Floral macro (extreme close-ups)

Episode 4 – Studio (indoor lighting and directing models)

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Episode 5 – Extreme-sports (fast shutter speeds)

Episode 6 – Comic Book Style (creative studio action posing)

The best part about this new series is the interactive component, inviting kids at home to submit their own photos online for the chance to win a new fancy camera. This series is a wonderful example of what can be done when kids are supported in achieving their creative endeavors.

Got a young shooter at home? GTA Photography Classes and Camps, whose founder, Ana Belic, is one of the expert judges, provides kids and teens with the opportunity to further their interest in photography, with year-round offerings in Ottawa and Toronto.

The official show site at has put up a casting call for season 2! They are currently scouting for kids between the ages of 8-12 who can’t wait to partake in all new photography challenges and submit their best to the judges.

Full episodes and clips of @Snapshots are available on

Did you enjoy the challenges of the first season? What do you think about

the show’s format? Have your kids (or yourself) tried any of the techniques learned on the show?

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