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The Fourth season of the Action & Adventure series Sleepy Hollow was originally broadcast on January 6, 2017

S4 Started January 6, 2017

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed, it looks like Sleepy Hollow may join a group of other shows that premiered around October, whose ratings have dropped compared to previous seasons, and whose renewal for a following season seems dubious at best.

When it first aired in 2013 it looked like FOX might have a success on their hands, but ratings dropped around 40% from year to year and even after the show was moved to a primetime slot on a Thursday evening, the current rating numbers are still quite dismal. The third season is currently bringing in 3.253 million viewers on average per episode, which is down from Season 2’s 4.57 million per episode.

Even though #SH is produced by FOX, the network that airs it, #SH may not earn a fourth season as a way of making it more profitable when syndicated. Many shows consisting of 22 or more episodes get renewed for a fourth season, despite not having performed well, as selling off a 44-episode series into syndication works out more economically for the network. Unfortunately, SH’s first two seasons only racked up 13 and 18 episodes respectively, so the possibility of the show being pushed through for a fourth season is not looking very good.

But there is one shining glimmer of hope for the show’s renewal. While viewers may not be watching the show live, #SleepyHollow is one of FOX’ top performing shows when it comes to Live+7 DVR playback. So this means that audiences are still interested in the show, it just isn’t a priority for most when it comes to watching SH live, other shows are probably taking precedent.

Other shows whose renewal is also looking unlikely include The Vampire Diaries, who’s fans have lost interest since Elena fell into a sleep that would last between 60-80 years. What is a show that centers around a love triangle between a woman and two vampire brothers if the woman between them goes to sleep? The show’s original Thursday night timeslot will be filled with Legends of Tomorrow, a spin off series of The CW’s two popular shows based on comics, The Flash and Arrow.

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The Originals, a spin off of The Vampire Diaries, has been moved from its Thursday night timeslot to Fridays at 8pm, where shows are sentenced while they await cancellation. What’s more, The CW has scheduled the move in January, when the show is mid-season, so the show could easily be cancelled before it even reaches the end of it’s Season 3 run.

These aren’t the only CW shows airing that face impending cancellation, now that King Francis has died, Reign has lost many viewers who tuned in for the romance of the show. Unfortunately, according to the history books, that is all of the romance that Mary Queen of Scots will experience, apart from a few suitors who are selected purely for the security they can offer her against her cousin and rival Queen Elizabeth.

The Leftovers may not see a third season as their ratings continue to plummet. However, critics seem to see something in The Leftovers that viewers dismiss and HBO has renewed low performing

shows in the past in favor of critical acclaim. The Leftovers were awarded Most Exciting New Series (2014) by the Critics Choice Television Awards and have been nominated for a number of other well respected awards, signaling recognition for the show, even if audiences have not latched on to it yet.

Are you a viewer that doesn’t tune in to watch #SleepyHollow on Thursday nights, but rather selects to watch it another time during the week?

January 6th will prove just how good the FOX hit Sleepy Hollow is. The show is returning for season 4 with a new look, and is amazing! New characters, new mission but same great television fun.

UPDATED May 14, 2016

Excellent news! Despite sliding ratings which had fans concerned for its future, it looks like 'Sleepy Hollow will be returning for season 4 albeit without Nicole Beharie who was written out of the series in the season 3 finale.

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